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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Educating New Republicans in the Way They Should Go!

A few weeks ago, a young nurse who works here at the hospital was excited that she had been asked to sit on a Republican committee. I dunno exactly what the function of this committee is but it has something to do with finding and nominating new Republicans to run for future office.

I tried to get picky with her and asked what she really knew about any of this. At first she was a little shaky in her responses to me.

I told her that it was really very easy. The first thing I asked her was, "What is the most important thing to consider before introducing a new bill to the legislative body for consideration?"

She thought and thought with a puzzled look on her face. I told her the answer was really not that hard. The answer is that if the new bill would result in a law that is not mandated by the constitution of the United States or creates a situation that is contrary to the constitution of the United States then it should be immediately discarded.

I told her that if a prospective Republican candidate could not figure this out and abide by this principle, then they should not be considered.

Then I asked her to give me an example of when it is acceptable to levy a new tax.

She thought for a minute and than smiled and said, "NEVER?"

"Absolutely correct!" I exclaimed.

I told her our gubment is bloated and overgrown already and is in the bidness of promising everybody, everything, at the expense of those few of us who still work. It is time for the gubment to start conducting their fiscal matters like the rest of us and cut back and hold the line when warranted.

I think she is excited about her next meeting. It is so nice to orient young people in the right direction.


  1. There is a movement by the RNC to bring in new, young Republicans to run for office and kick the Democrats out in 2010. I forget the name of the program. But this is in addition to a group that already exists, "Young Republicans".

    Right Truth

  2. Danged if I don't believe you are steering her correctly!