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Thursday, December 10, 2009

FLASH! Dog Thinks She's a Cat!

Sweet Wifey sent me this while ago. Our sweet beagle dog, Penny, seems to think she's a cat as she walks along the back of the furniture, passing the time, looking out the windows, etc. You can't see me but I was on the couch below and out of sight.


  1. Wish you had been home on the couch with us last night.

    Right Truth

  2. Here via Debbie's comment on my blog. Too funny. I wonder how she learned this behavior?

    We had a German shepherd with cat-like attributes, but she was raised with a bunch of cats and never socialized well with dogs. I made the mistake once of patting my lap while sitting on the couch and she leapt onto my lap! All 80 pounds of her. I never made that mistake again.

  3. Cube, I dunno where she learned this. The only thing she has ever known is the kennel where she was born and us. There has been nothing in between.

    The first night we brought her home, she got right up in the bed between us and snuggled all night and has been there ever since. She automatically knew that was her place.

    She is different from other beagles we have known. Most beagles have short legs and are rather close to the ground. Penny is long and thin, actually shaped more like greyhound, and she can fly on those long legs. Tip toeing on the furniture is no problem.

    As we say, "Jesus just made her that way."

  4. Cat huh? Maggie just KNOWS she's human! Or that we're dogs, don't know which fer sure.

  5. "Jesus just made her that way."

    That's as good an explanation as I've heard.

    She's lucky to have a good home, and you're lucky to have a good dog.

  6. Right Cube, Jesus knew what He was doing.