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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, I guess this will be my final post of 2009. I'm fixing to go get a bite of supper, yeah, I know you yankees call it dinner, but real, down to earth people like me call it supper. Then I'm gonna listen to my Rush podcast where the brilliant Walter E. Williams will be closing out 2009 for us hopefully with words of wisdom and encouragement.

After that I'm gonna settle into my position on the couch and watch four quarters of football as the Chick-Fil-A bowl matches the powerhouse 7-5 Tennessee Vols against 9-3 Virginia Tech.

I hope my blog has been a source of entertainment and information for some of you, and frankly I hope I've pissed a few of you off. I really love pissing people off. There are a bunch out there that live to be offended, and I love finding them.

Sweet Wifey and I went and saw the movie "Invictus" the other night. I highly recommend it. You will leave feeling good and inspired.

I'd like to close out 2009 with the final verse of the poem, "Invictus", by William Ernest Henley:

It matters not how strait the gate,
how charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul!


  1. Pretty deep stuff, Grouch!
    Happy New Year to you and Trix. Hope to see more of ya next year.
    As for me, I'm waiting on the Butterbean, he is driving here to see ME tonite!

  2. Happy New Year my sweet soulmate.

    Right Truth

  3. Grouch,

    I'm lazy! Where is Lost Creek? My wife and I celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and have 10.5 acres in Perry Co. not far from the Buffalo River. We are half way between Linden and Hoenwald. We plan on moving there in about three years.

    Happy New Year!
    Go Gators!!!

    Lock & Load!!!

  4. Hope you get plenty of Butterbeaning done, Lizzard.

    L. you won't find Lost Creek on any map. Lost Creek is a tributary to the Beech River. You may be able to locate Lost Creek Boat Dock. If you locate Perryville and Decaturville on a map and find a halk way point on highway 100 between the 2 towns, you'll find the approximate location of Lost Creek.

    You'd better lose the Gator allegiance before moving to Tennessee. Florida is most hated amongst big orange fans.

  5. Grouch,

    Sorry! Once a Gator, always a Gator! We were visiting last fall the week after the 9/12 Rally and got to hear the game broadcast on the Vol Network. What a hoot!

    Our 75+ year old neighbor down the road told me I could fly my Gator Flag any week but the third week of the season. That statement was quickly follwed by, "Cause I'm a pretty good shot!" You know, "I believe her!"