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Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More of It!

Well I read that some West Virginia woman has gotten her tit in a ringer for slapping an environmental protester at a West Virginia coal mine. She is charged with battery.

I say you go woman! These people in West Virginia are trying to mind their own bidness, and trying to make a living, and believe it or not, actually WANT TO WORK!

I had to laugh when the miners referred to the protesters as "limp wristed greeniacs". (Sounds like something I'd say).

I have to wonder about these idiot protesters. Why are they not working? If they had real jobs, they wouldn't have time to be sticking their noses into someone else's bidness.

But that's just me.............


  1. Unfortunately this is what the greeniacs want. They torment until someone, even a woman, raises a hand in some way to them -- the cops are called, the woman is arrested and then the media jumps in. Those innocent people just trying to save the earth, were ATTACKED by a radical Conservative ....

    Right Truth

  2. I hope a bunch more of the damned busybodies get slapped.