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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Local World War II Veteran Told to Remove Flagpole from his Yard

Boy I am sure glad I don't live in some place that has a homeowner's association. In fact, I wouldn't move to such a place. It seems there are mainly a buncha busybodies in those places trying to stick their noses into your bidness and determined to tell you what to do. A bunch of nosey liberals no doubt.

Well in Virginia, the homeowners association is telling Colonel Van Barfoot to take his flag down. He sez he's gonna takeum to court. I hope he wins. He could put some old washing machines out on his front porch or put up an old car on blocks........no...........

He just wants a flagpole. Geez!

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  1. Stuff like that is happening all over the US. I heard on Jackson Talk Radio today some caller was on a rant. He said it's maddening, we are told by the government what we can put in our yards, in our windows, hang from our homes, whether it's Christmas items or patriotic items. It's no body's business. It's America. It's Christmas. What is this nation becoming. He was madder than Hades and he's not alone.

    They were also talking about Tanner not running for office again. He was apparently called a Conservataive and callers were mad about that too. They said he voted with Pelosi 95% of the time, how could he be conservative?

    Right Truth