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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nelson in Deep Doodie

Well the good news is that the criminal Nebraska Senator, Ben Nelson, is in deep doodie with his constituents after he took his bribe from Harry Reid and voted for the health care destruction bill in the senate.

Sources say that only 17 percent of Nebraska voters approve of the bribe he took. 56 percent of voters in his state think the bill if it becomes law will hurt quality of care and 62 percent believe it will raise costs. Nice to see that the majority of people in Nebraska are paying attention.

Nelson also aired a TV ad to try and make his case with the voters. Evidently, according to polls, if he ran in an election today, he would lose to a Republican opponent by almost a 2 to 1 margin. His ad was launched during the Arizona-Nebraska football game tonight.

By the way, the cornhuskers won by a score of 33-0.

The bad news is that Nelson is not up for re-election until 2012. He will have plenty of time to smooth things over. People will forget as other events occur and recollections become cloudy. It is up to us in the blogosphere to bring this up again and again. As with my sorry excuse for a senator, Lamar Alexander, I AM NOT FORGETTING! We need to remind people of the dastardly deeds of our hack politicians EVERY DAMNED DAY!

I hope the criminal Nelson suffers a defeat on a magnitude of the ass whipping delivered by the cornhuskers tonight. He has thumbed his nose at the will of the people. He deserves to lose and lose big!

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  1. GOOD that his voters are angry with him.

    Right Truth