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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where has Colin Gone?

Heard anything lately from Colin Powell?

Me neither....

Last fall he told us Barack was our man and turned his back on John McCain and the Republicans.

Now a year later, here we are:

1. Barack has led us to the greatist national debt in history, continuing to spend our grandchildrens' money.

2. Barack has taken over the banks, the car companies, and the housing industry. He wants more.

3. Unemployment is at nummers not seen since the great depression and there is no end in sight.

4. We are on the brink of destroying the finest health care system in the world and turning it over to the federal gubment while at the same time forcing citizens to buy health rationing insurance under penalty of law.

5. We are on the brink of completely destroying what is left of the economy by imposing cap and trade in the name of an absolute hoax.

6. Barack ignored the requests of his commanding general in Afghanistan. Months later he sends him less than the requested nummer of troops, automatically sets a timetable for withdrawal, and leaves our troops there to die, hogtied by ridiculous rules of engagement and no plan of victory. He won't even use the word VICTORY. The terrorists have to be laughing their asses off!

I can't say we would have been much better off with McCain, but I do believe he would have fully supported our military efforts. I don't think he would have apologized for America in front of the world either.

Where are you now secretary Powell? The silence is deafening. How's that hoax and change working out for you?


  1. Colon Bowell is feeling a little crappy right about now...oh boo...

  2. Nanc, I think he's probably hiding out in the bushes.