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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Russians Save us from Doomsday!

Well, here's some interesting news. Our "friends" the Russians are contemplating sending a spacecraft to the asteroid, Apophis, which they say has a chance of impacting Earth some time after 2029. The plan is to send the craft to the asteroid to divert its course. They weren't quite clear on how this would happen but they went on to say that no nuclear explosions would be required.

I'm not a physicist or astronomer so I don't know all the particulars. After 2029 I'll be so old that I won't really care if the damned thing hits the Earth or not. We all gotta go some time you know.

In the world of unintended consequences, what would really be funny is if they diverted the thing and it ended up hitting the Earth after all! Now I would hope that I was alive to see that! They would no doubt blame it on George Bush.

The greatist show on Earth since the KT extinction!

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  1. They are asking other nations for MONEY for the project. It's a gimmick more than anything.

    Right Truth