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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tattoos and the U.S. Air Force

Well, here we go again with something about tattoos. If you missed my previous diatribes about tattoos, go HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

Well I read today that the Air Force had "changed" its tattoo policy. This apparently occurred only one week after the Air Force instituted the original policy.

The original policy disallowed tattoos on the right arm (the saluting arm). Also tattoos were forbidden on either hand. The idea was that tattoos should not be seen during any kind of a salute.

After only one week, the tattoo policy is now dropped and the entire policy "will be reviewed".

Boy oh boy, can't you just smell the limp wristed, namby pamby, icky squishy, liberal minds at work over this one? You can bet that some of the recruits mentioned in the article started whining and squalling (nobody held a gun to their heads and made them get the damned tattoos) and probably even threatened lawsuits. True to steenkin politically correct form, the Air Force backed down right away.

Remember that the Air Force as part of the military is not some damned social club or social experiment. Their primary mission is to kill people and break things. They should not be concerned about some dipshit recruit's desire to make a statement or express his/her individualism. I was in the military. Individualism was not a primary area of concern, at least not in the 1980's.

I wish the Air Force had said to the P.C. police, "FU! The policy stands, now shut up!"

I'd like to re-write the lyrics to the song, "U.S. Air Force Blue".

They took the blue from the skies
and the pretty girl's eyes,
and a touch of old glory too,
and gave it to the men
who proudly wear
a steenkin' and hideous tattoo!

God help us.....


  1. Tattoo's don't concern me that much as long as they are out of sight, Ha! Once had a girl friend who had a tatoo on her butt, I loved her just the same.

  2. Who dat? Da bitch ugly!

  3. The rule used to be you could have tattoos as long as they could not be seen, even with short sleeve shirt of t-shirt.

    Right Truth

  4. PCness WILL be the death of this nation, PCness and apathy...

  5. Ron, I couldn't care less about the tattoos. I do care that the powerful Air Force has fallen victim to the PC crowd, like the rest of our military I guess.

    David (DW), If you give her a close look and remove the "art" and the stupid fake red hair, she could have been a nice looking girl, however, she chose to do these things to herself. Is she prepared to live with the consequences? Is she prepared to not have that good job she might otherwise have landed? or is she content to be on the welfare roll and sponge off society because of her stupidity?

    Debbie, You're pretty sweet.

    Fred, you're exactly right. This PC nonsense will be the death of us.