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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

It's nice to have a good home,

where it's warm,

and comfortable,

and quiet,

and I can just relax,

and be myself!

No worries! No cares!

Life just doesn't get any better!


  1. That's our baby.

    She's so cute and sweet.

    She can really get comfortable too.

    Right Truth

  2. Some dogs really have it made. Sometimes I think Professor, our shih shu eats better than me. Nothing but gormet dog food and fried chicken. He's in here right now looking at me for his nightly feeding, guess I better take care of that now!

  3. Yeah, she's got it made. I feel the same way about our home as she does.

    Nothing like peace and quiet.

    I dunno how people that squabble and fight all the time do it. It wouldn't be my cup of tea.