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Sunday, December 20, 2009

They Still want to Kill Babies.........and They want YOU to Pay for it!

Go read John Boehner's comments on the Senate healthcare bill, you know the one they bribed Ben Nelson to sign? The abortion premium is still in there.

The Constitution guarantees us Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The little person in the picture will have none of that thanks to our lawless and corrupt gubment.

It's time to replace the federal gubment!


  1. I think you are right Grouch. The bill from what little I know of it will allow funds to pay for abortions. I think Senator Nelson also knows this and hopes he can explain it away to the voters in Nebraska.

  2. The unborn babies are getting screwed in this so called health reform deal. Nelson caved in and abandoned his principles just to please his cronies. It is unacceptable to provide federal funding to kill innocent unborn babies. The constitution says, right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is despicable to think that just because the unborn can't speak for themselves that these politicians would take advantage of them and think that their lives are worthless. The unborns life is in fact the most precious.

  3. Ron, we can only hope that this will be Nelson's downfall in his next election bid.

    Teresa, it is inexcusable. To force all of us to participate is a travesty. I don't think God fearing Americans will stand for it.

  4. I take abortion VERY seriously, I am one of the most anti-abortion guys you've ever seen.

    I have 3 great kids and 4 beautiful grandsons, 2 of which were VERY premature and were *touch and go* for a while...

    Any SOB that says even an early trimester baby is not a human has no idea what they are talking about, both of my recently born grandsons were early trimester deliveries, and both are now looking GREAT, growing like weeds and making baby noises, yesterday, one of em discovered his hands for the 1st time...

    I have no use for *abortion on demand* moonbats and libbers, how can ANYONE be So damned stupid?

  5. Texas Fred,
    That is awesome!! You must have the most precious grandsons.

    I am one of the most adamantly pro-life women and can't stand libtards and moonbats either.

  6. Fred and Teresa. The thing that gets me is how they arbitrarily declare that an unborn baby is not a human life. How do they know this? Because some judge said so?

    Frankly I think deep down, many of them do know that the fetus is a human life, but they cling to their flimsy argument to justify their hideous actions.

  7. Thomas,
    I get that same feeling whenever I talk with my liberal neighbors regarding unborn babies and abortion being the killing of a life. I think its probably because liberals haven't got a clue about what the term responsibility means. They just blame, blame, blame.