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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Will it Take to Get Them to Use the "H" Word?

I was watching the "all star panel" the other day on I think it was Bret Baier's show on Fox. It might have been Chris Wallace's show. Hell, I can't remember for sure. Anyway, the topic was "climategate" and true to form, Juan Williams, who no doubt has blindly swallowed the global warming koolaid said something to the effect that in spite of all the shenanigans that went on at East Anglia University that there was no doubt that man made global warming was real and we needed to do something about it.

I waited patiently for one of the other panelists to say, "Juan, it's a hoax. We don't need to do anything at all about it."

I waited..................waited......................NOTHING!

I am of the opinion that if you're in a fight and you knock your opponent to the ground then the thing to do is finish him off with a final crushing blow. You don't hem and haw and dilly dally around and wait for him to get back up again.

Seems as if the global warming idiots have been knocked to the ground, unfortunately, it seems like the ones on "our side" just can't bring themselves to use the word HOAX! IT'S A HOAX DAMMIT!

I did some investigating:

One of my favorite authors and pundits, Charles Krauthammer, declares that he is a global warming agnostic. Much to my disappointment he won't declare it is a HOAX. Krauthammer is a brilliant guy. He has to know the truth. Why won't he take the plunge?

Another familiar face is Steve Hayes with the Weekly Standard. Steve is supposed to be on "our side". Alas he says, "I take global warming seriously...".

Good Lord, Steve! You take a HOAX seriously???

Fred Barnes says, "global warming isn't manmade - but I won't tell you how I know that."

Gee whiz, Fred. Let us in on the secret. I could not find any place that Fred had said that warming was a HOAX.

Then I tried out some politicians, specifically my two fine senators from Tennessee.

Lamar Alexander says, “Over the next 20 years, if we really want to deal with global warming, we really only have one option and that is to double the number of nuclear power plants."

Sounds like Lamar thinks global warming is the real thing huh?

Oh well, I'm never gonna vote for him again anyway.

My other senator, Bob Corker does not deny that the globe is warming, does not spend time on the debate over how much of the warming is man made, and won't even say that he opposes cap and trade. His stance is that he wants a "more informed conversation" about the bill, so as to get "a better product."

Sounds like the senator is most interested in working with Dimocrats to get a bill, even if the bill is dealing with a non-existent problem.

Senator! We don't need another damned bill!

Looks like there is no help to be had from my politicians.

Brit Hume came close when he said, "...manmade global warming may be a fraud."

But he just couldn't take the plunge and call the whole thing a HOAX!

What is the problem, boys and girls? I'd be willing to bet that a majority of the people I mentioned above know in their hearts it is a HOAX. Why can't they just come out and say it? Is it forbidden like the "N" word? Hell, I'll betcha a whole buncha people on the left know it's a HOAX too. They all know that cap and trade is not going to fix anything. All it's going to do is massively raise the cost of energy and impose more and more gubment control over all our lives. THAT my friends is the bottom line.

We've knocked the warmers down now with the East Anglia scandal. Now it's time to start pummeling them relentlessly, day after day. The conservative media needs to start pounding the public with the word HOAX. It's nothing more than a HOAX folks. It was contrived to deprive you of your liberty and grow government. Call your congressman and senators and ask them why they are wanting to pass legislation based on a HOAX!

Right now the only people I hear using the word HOAX are Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck. We should all start blasting the left with HOAX until it is roaring in their ears.


Why are they so afraid to say it?


  1. Gave you a plug.

    Right Truth

  2. Some words it appears are not to be used---words like hoax and lair seem to be taboo and avoided by even conservative spokesmen. Political correctness coming from the right is not unusual.

  3. Thankya darlin.

    You're right Ron. This is why liberty in America is threatened, cause most on our side are WIMPY THANGS!