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Friday, July 31, 2009

Toilet Paper Reduction in Washington

A friend of mine at the hospital just now told me that since Obama took over, the amount of toilet paper in Washington has been reduced by 50 percent.

He says they are wiping their asses with the Constitution!

It's Time for a Constitutional Amendment!

I wrote my congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn today(she ain't bad looking for a congresswoman, how bout Sarah Palin and Marsha Blackburn on the next presidential ticket?). I suggested that she and others think about sponsoring a bill to amend the constitution of the United States requiring that each legislator must have READ each and every bill before being able to cast a vote on it. They would be required to sign a statement stating they had read the bill. Failure to do so would be a punishable offense.

There should also be a waiting period giving the public time to read and comment on any bill before it is brought to a vote. Any "last minute amendments" would be required reading for all along with the waiting period. No more trying to shove crap down our throats before we know what is happening!

What say you???

An Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander

I sent this to the senator's website this morning.....I'm seething!

Dear Senator Alexander,
I am dismayed by the report that you have decided to vote FOR Sonya Sotomayor for associate Supreme Court Justice.

This woman is a racist pure and simple. If you or any other white man had said they would make a better judge because of your rich white experience, you would have been crucified.

That aside, this woman is a radical left wing liberal who will not defend the constitution but will rather use her position on the court to "make policy". She said so senator.

I voted for you when you ran for governor and also senator. I am angry that I will have to wait until 2014 until I can vote you out of office, but I will not forget what you have done, senator. Rest assured, when 2014 approaches, I will be speaking out and sending letters, reminding all my friends and colleagues what you have done.

The time for bipartisan nonsense in Washington is over, senator. As the left wing Barack Obama tries to destroy our healthcare system and take over a fifth of our economy with government run programs and as he tries to drive the remainder of our economy into the ground with nonsensical cap and trade, we no longer need wimpy Republicans who compromise and cross the aisle. We need strong conservatives who will stand up for what is right. You have failed, senator. You should have looked Sonya Sotomayor and Barack Obama in the eye and said, "Not no, but hell no!" We need Republicans who are not afraid to bloody the noses of the Democrats whenever they can. You are not that man, senator.

Since I cannot vote you out until 2014, I would invite you to resign. If you won't do that, then I would invite you to change parties. If you're going to act like a Democrat, you should be one. At least your colleague, Senator Corker voted the right way, this time.

The next time the Republican party calls my number begging for money, I'll tell them that as soon as they give me Republicans that will act like Republicans, I'll consider contributing. Rest assured, your name will be mentioned.

Thomas Hamilton MD.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worthless and Weak, Volume 2

Much to my dismay I heard today that our senator, Lamar Alexander has declared that he is going to VOTE FOR THE RACIST JUDGE, Sonya Sotomayor, thus joining the ranks of the worthless and weak along with his good buddy Lindsey Grahamnesty.

I'm pissed. I liked Lamar at first. I voted for him twice for governor and also for senator, but never again! Too bad he's in until 2014....damn!

I was in Nashville all day on bidness so did not have a chance myself but sweet wifey tried to call his office all that time to no avail......probably he is in hiding.

I'm here to tell you folks that it is time these two faced wimpy RINOs be ELIMINATED once and for all from the Republican party. Let them go be Democrats.

Click HERE and tell old traitor Lamar just what you think.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Big Night at the 412 Grill

Last night, those oh so Morbid Strangers rocked the 412 Grill to the foundation. Below are some videos and some pictures for all to enjoy. Join us at the Boondocks Saloon on August 15 for our next outing.

Yours Truly seriously picking the bass

Tony H. holding his nose

Scotty getting in tune

Guy, well who knows what guy is up to?

James getting down

Tony D. SCARY!

Our friends, Brandy and Chrissy, ain't they just PRECIOUS?

Seth and Chrissy, They're getting married! Ain't that just darlin'?

Tony D. SCARY!

Tina, Guy's better half and sweet wifey.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Surgeon General of Midway - Part 4 - Stamping Out Disease and Pestilence

Well, it's been a while since I visited Midway Island on the blog so it's time I got back to work. I wanted to make some comments and tell some stories as a medical doctor with the navy there on the island.

If you have not read my previous Midway posts it might be helpful to go back and read them first:
Click below:
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As I stated in a previous post, sick call began at 0900 during the week and ended about 1100. I had the weekend "off" but was actually on call all the time for any emergency that might appear.


The clinic was a fairly nice facility. It has been a while so I do not remember exactly what it looked like inside, but there was basically a large reception area in the center where the sailors and marines would come and wait for sick call. Off of the large center room were several smaller exam rooms, a couple of rooms with beds where we could actually keep inpatients, an xray room, a lab, and a dental area which could also be used as an operating room. There were other areas for storage and central supply area with an autoclave and a secure area for drugs.

We could do a very few plain xray films and as I recall we could do a complete blood count, a basic blood chemistry, and a urinalysis. That was about it. In this setting you learn to rely on your skill and your intuition and a whole lot less on lab and xray.

I was the only doctor on the island except for flight surgeons who never came to the clinic but always stayed with their squadrons. We had one nurse, Becky, who was also the senior officer. She was a lieutenant commander. There was also an administrative office who was a lieutenant like me. I don't recall his name. We also had a dental officer there as well. The interesting thing about the dentist was that he had had some kind of special training in the administration of anesthesia and in an emergency, he could actually put someone to sleep and I could do "meatball" surgery on them. Fortunately, this never happened and would have been a rarity since we had fairly frequent flights off the island back to Hickam AFB in Hawaii.

We also had several enlisted crew. I don't remember exactly how many, but they were all corpsmen of various ranks. A couple of the more senior corpsmen were what they called "independent duty". These folks were quite valuable in that they had received a lot of specialized training. They were able to function independently on smaller ships such as light cruisers and destroyers where there was no doctor. Many of them were also attached to the marines and were extensively trained in battlefield medicine. One of the best things about the navy was the corpsmen. In fact, they handled about 80 percent of the sick call. All I had to do was review their work and sign off the charts. In fact, some of them became downright indignant if the doctors tried to assume too much of their responsibility.

On Midway, there were no families, rather all active duty folks. Also on Midway, all female enlisted personnel were REQUIRED to take birth control pills without exception. All females were under orders not to become pregnant. There was no place for pregnancy on the island, and since the few female sailors were isolated there for long periods of time along with a bunch of horny male sailors, the likelihood of sexual activity was high. Any female who became pregnant on Midway would be transferred off the island and to my understanding would be administratively discharged (I don't guess they thought much about the swab that made her that way). One of my duties as medical officer was to perform, "contraception exams". This was one activity not done by corpsmen and they were glad not to do it. We usually had no more than a couple of these exams per day and sometimes none, but it would consist mainly of a pap smear, a physical, some baseline lab work, and a prescription for birth control pills. Sick call was more or less routine and monotonous.

A big problem on Midway from a health perspective was alcohol consumption and I remember several sailors and marines were sent back to Hawaii for alcohol problems. When I left Midway, I had the opportunity to "escort" a sailor who was under arrest for "drunk and disorderly conduct" and "striking an officer". I'm going to save the details of this for a later post.

On several nights the commanding officer invited all the other officers over to his quarters for drinks and social hour. I never have been much on drinking and would rather have been working ham radio, but when the CO invites you over, you go. The CO, a bird captain as I recall, could hold his liquor with the best of them. I had the obligatory rum and coke and let that be it……after all, I was ON CALL! A few of the other officers were feeling no pain.

I also remember seeing a lot of psych problems, lots of depression, lots of bawling and squalling. You have to understand that many of these junior enlisted were 18 or 19 year old kids and they were suddenly plunged onto this isolated rock in the middle of nowhere for months at a time. Many of these kids were ill prepared for this endeavor. Nurse Becky and I understood their plight, as did most of the corpsmen. Unfortunately, many of the line officers and NCO's in charge of these folks were not as understanding.

One day we got a report that a Japanese fishing boat out in the north Pacific had run into a storm and there were injuries aboard. There was a report of a fisherman with a near amputated arm and another with a fractured leg. There were some other more minor injuries. Apparently a hatch had slammed shut on the arm of the most seriously injured person. CINCPACFLT (Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet) hatched a plan, and the plan was going to involve ME! Japan was our ally and it was our job to help them out.

The air force was going to fly out a C-130 transport plane to Midway with a couple of special operations guys known as PJ's (Air Force Pararescue Men). These guys are really special; they are parachute jumpers tasked with recovery and medical treatment in humanitarian and combat environments. Many of these men have been decorated with awards as high as the Air Force Cross.

In the meantime, a Coast Guard cutter had already joined with the fishing boat, transferred the injured crew, and was heading at flank speed toward Midway.

I was ordered to accompany the PJ's on a flight out to the location of the cutter (which was still a couple of days away from Midway), drop the PJ's onto the ship, and circle the area as the PJ's evaluated the injured parties. I was then supposed to further advise the PJ's (like they really needed my advice) on any further required treatment and then return to base. The cutter would then continue its high-speed dash to our harbor with its cargo of injured fishermen and PJ's.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

We saddled up and climbed aboard the C-130 and headed out over the north Pacific. This was the second and last time I ever got to ride a C-130. My first C-130 ride was my initial flight to Midway. What a great airplane! We flew for several hours seeing nothing but clouds and ocean. I had some fun talking to the PJ's. They said they had an extra parachute and asked me if I wanted to jump out with them. I smiled politely and declined. When we finally got to the drop area, the weather was terrible, with rainsqualls, high winds, and high seas. It was decided that the weather was too bad to drop the men and much to the disappointment of all aboard, the mission was scrubbed, so back to base we went. Oh well, it was a nice C-130 ride although the plane was getting knocked around pretty good near the drop zone. The Coast Guard cutter continued on without the assistance of the PJ's. We even gave the cutter a ham radio frequency on which they could call me back at Midway for advice, although they never called, or if they did, I did not hear them.

Coast Guard Cutter

The cutter arrived at Midway a couple of days later and they could not have come at a worse time. As the big ship pulled into the lagoon, the winds were gusting between 40 and 50 knots, so hard that it was difficult to stand up straight on the pier. The wind was so powerful that the cutter was actually listing noticeably as the wind hit it broadside and after several futile attempts, the skipper decided even with the help of a couple of tugs (the wind was that strong) that he could not safely bring the ship in without risking crashing into the pier.

Midway Tugs

Finally, the cutter was taken out into the center of the lagoon and as we all held our breath, with some fancy rope work and a little hocus pocus the injured men were eventually transferred to the tugboats. At long last the tugs tied up to the pier and the weary victims were delivered into the waiting arms of our corpsmen. In fact we were all weary that day.

The Corpsmen wait for the wounded

The injured were hastily driven back to the clinic. The victims were pretty weak but were basically stable. Both men had IV's already and were hydrated well. One man's left arm was a lost cause. It was pretty much amputated just below the shoulder. The only thing holding it on was the humerus (arm bone). All the flesh was gone and the arm was black and gangrenous and smelled like dead fish. Fortunately, the dead arm was isolated from the rest of the body, as the hatch had destroyed all arterial and venous connections. The other fisherman obviously had a fractured left leg, but it was closed and that appeared to be his only significant injury.

Removing the wounded from a tug

We put both of these poor souls to bed, filled them with morphine, gave amputation man lots of antibiotics, and splinted leg man's leg. We wrapped the gangrenous arm in some gauze and sealed it in a plastic bag to cut down some of the smell. Neither one of these guys spoke any English so communication was difficult, but they seemed appreciative of our efforts. We did have someone on the island, I don't remember who, that could speak a little Japanese, so in a pinch we could get some translation. I went by the clinic late that night and spoke with the corpsman on watch and visited our patients. I was satisfied to see that both of the fishermen rested well that first night. They both had been through quite an ordeal.

There was some talk about me completing the amputation in our "operating room", but after a discussion with an orthopedic surgeon in Hawaii we decided against it. The man was not septic (blood stream infection) and he was stable and we also got news that we should have a flight back to Hawaii either tomorrow or the next day. I was relieved.

Sure enough, we loaded the injured aboard a flight the next day and sent them off on the final leg of their journey. I have to say that I was never more proud of the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Air Force and their combined efforts of saving these two men. We got word later on that both men made uneventful recoveries, one man without a left arm.

Japanese Fishing Boat

About 2 or 3 days after this, the Japanese fishing boat finally limped into our lagoon. The wind had subsided by then and they were able to tie up to the pier without incident. There were 3 or 4 more men with minor injuries, mostly contusions and lacerations. These were handled in short order. Japanese fishermen had a nasty habit of sewing up their own lacerations with fishing line. These would invariably become infected, so we'd have to re-open them, wash them out, and fill them with antibiotics. No amount of education or persuasion seemed to prevent them from doing this. The Midway crew told me they had seen this type of thing time and again.

The captain of the fishing boat and a couple of his crew came to visit us at the clinic. He brought me a carton of Japanese cigarettes as a reward. These fellows were smiling, bowing, grabbing our hands and forearms and holding on. They were obviously grateful for the service we had given them. In politeness to the captain I smoked one of the cigarettes and I must say it was one of the most awful things I had ever tasted, but I did not let on. I smiled and shook hands with the crew and we went to the pier to see them off. It was hard for me to imagine that just 40 years before this we were trying to kill these people. My how things change in such a short time. Finally the weary fisherman left our island bound for Hawaii.

Man, I'm tired from just writing this. Hope all of you have enjoyed listening to some of my tales as the Surgeon General of Midway. Next I'll tell you a little about working ham radio and finally my flight home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rockin' the Grill

Just wanted to remind everyone that those Strangers, oh so Morbid, will be rockin' the 412 Grill Saredee night. Yall come on over and join us.


I found this CNN interview to be rather refreshing. You need broadband to watch, probably. It's obvious the news bimbo just doesn't get it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Pain in the Butt

Morbid Strangers

It's hard to find a decent picture of the Morbid Strangers. Even our decent pictures look indecent. Visit my FLICKR site for all the band pics I have taken.

Click on the picture for a hi-res version.

Pretty Girls, Ugly Girls, Tattoos, Jobs, Welfare, Life's Little Decisions

I suppose some readers will accuse me of being old fashioned and out of touch. That's fine. I probably am old fashioned and out of touch. But there is one thing that is really a turn off and that's an otherwise good looking gal with a hideous tattoo. Now if it is some land whale of an ugly girl, I don't mind so much. She's already hideous and probably should stay home but if she wants to be more hideous, that's just fine.


Back when I was growing up (in the stone age you know) the only people that I remember having tattoos were mostly guys that got them in the service. It was not uncommon to see some ex-sailor with an anchor on his forearm or a retired GI with some kind of faded emblem in a similar area.

I cannot for the life of me remember seeing any girls or women with tattoos. For that matter, I can't remember any boys with earrings, tongue rings, lumps and bumps hanging out of their lips and eyebrows, or anything else like that.

I guarantee you that if a kid showed up at high school with something like that he would have gotten the ass whupping of the century out behind the gym after 6th period. I remember that the teachers even frowned on girls with too much makeup or too gaudy earrings etc.

Well, things have changed. Now I see plenty of these girls running around with a variety of tattoos. I guess they think they look good or cool. I have a variety of adjectives for them running from ugly to hideous to stupid. One particular thing that I see are these designs on their low back. I've also heard these referred to as "tramp stamps". Well I guess maybe these alone are not too bad. They are generally in an area where they are not readily visible but lots of these girls make it a point to wear clothes which make the area bare for viewing.

An otherwise pleasant view obstructed by a tramp stamp

Others are more shy. I have a good friend who used to work here at the hospital. She is a cat lover and despite my objections, she finally got her a little cat tattoo on her ankle. Now this is one that you will not normally see. Makes me wonder what is the point of the whole thing? If nobody's gonna see it, why have it? I told her when she got old and the tattoo had faded, that one day they would drag her old and sick ass into an ER somewhere where a young ER doctor and a young ER nurse would make fun of her old faded tattoo.

Others are more bold, wearing a variety of hideous designs on their shoulders, arms, legs, chests, and in places where they are easily visible and cannot be hidden. This is frequently accompanied by an array of hardware hanging from various body parts.

Surely these women can't really believe this crap is beautiful!?!?!

Okay folks, let's get real. I am a firm believer that your position in life is for the most part determined by the decisions one makes along the way. I'm not much of a believer in luck, in fact, I think people tend to make their own luck.

Now I'm sure these girls (and guys too) cover their bodies with these tattoos and pierce themselves with hardware for a variety of reasons. I guess they think they will look cool. I guess some think they will look sexy. Maybe they are "making a statement" or "expressing themselves". I really don't know.

I do know this: People with all this junk on their bodies are often looked upon with suspicion and contempt by the rest of us that do not have all these ornaments. When we see a tattooed specimen coming into the ER, the doctors and nurses, will think "drug seeker" or "freeloader"or "trash". In fairness to me, I will look beyond these initial impressions and in every case make an objective assessment of the situation, but initial impressions are there and sometimes mean a lot.

In fact, in the ER we fondly refer to the "tooth to tattoo ratio" and if the number of tattoos exceed the number of teeth we can expect real trouble. The TTR is also thought to be inversely proportional to a person's perceived worth to society. So just understand that the medical profession as a whole doesn't think much of tattoos. Yes, my friends, even doctors and nurses are bigots! Oh the horror!

Like it or not, it is "rich white guys" like me that provide jobs for the greatest number of people in this country. Now if you are sitting in front of me for a job interview and you're adorned with a variety of pictures and trinkets, then I can promise you that you are going to have to try and work three times as hard to make a good impression. If there is another job applicant who has similar qualifications and who is "clean cut", then the clean cut person is going to be hired instead of you almost every time.

Let me be clear. I don't give a rat's ass if you think you look cool. I don't care if you think your new tattoo looks pretty. I do not share in your zeal of "making a statement" or "expressing yourself". Read my lips, "I DON'T CARE!"

You might argue that I'm just a bigot and that most people do not think they way I do. You'd be wrong. Most "rich white guys" think pretty much the same way that I do. That's why we're "rich white guys". Get a clue!

This girl could have been very attractive if she had tried. Wonder if she has any kind of decent job? Wonder if she's on welfare? Kids? OMG!

So you see, people that engage in this tattooing/piercing activity automatically put themselves behind the eight ball from a job standpoint. If they can't find a good job, or any job, then they will likely end up on welfare, on the gubment dole, and we hard working gainfully employed people will end up paying for that person. Who's fault is it? It is the unemployed person's fault and it is due to THE STUPID CHOICES THEY MADE IN THEIR LIFE! Let's face it. Jobs as a circus freak are few and far between.

A while back, I had a friend, a young fellow named John. We did some flying together as we were both pilots and trained at the same flight school. He was a good guy. John had a monstrous tattoo on his left arm which in the beginning he thought was pretty cool. John was an enlisted man in the Marine Corps Reserve and was also in college. After a spell, John decided he wanted to go fly Harrier jump jets for the USMC. Of course to be a fighter pilot in our military you have to be an officer. As it turned out, at the time (not sure about now), Marine Corps officers were not allowed to have tattoos. Suddenly John's tattoo was not so cool anymore and his decision to get a tattoo was not a good one. John spent a lot of money and had a painful surgical proceedure to have the tattoo removed. I lost track of John so I am not sure if he went on to fly Harriers, but I wish him well......DECISIONS DECISIONS!

Harrier jump jet

Now, I am not a complete bigot. There are plenty of people with hideous tattoos and body ornaments who are decent hard working people. After I have gotten to know them, I find this out, but remember it is that all important FIRST IMPRESSION that frequently makes the difference. My brother-in-law has a bunch of tattoos. He's decent, hard working, and makes his own way through life with out begging from anyone. I don't agree with his choices but that's up to him.

Of course if you wanna get a tattoo or eyebrow rings or a freaking bone in your nose, that's just fine. I will fight for your right to make yourself look as hideous and ridiculous as you want to look. Just don't come whining and squalling to the welfare office when you can't land that job you were hoping for. Don't have a hissy fit when the ER doctors and nurses look upon you with suspicion.

In closing, remember again: Your position in life is determined by the things you do and the decisions you make. It's all up to YOU.

Any of you wanna hire this guy? You wanna invite him over to play with your kiddies?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driving in the South - Addendum

Lizzard pointed out that it is a good thing to wave and drink beer from his lawn mower. I would not recommend waving and DRINKING BEER while driving.

Driving in the South


A few days ago my friend, Lizzard, put up a post on his blog about "Southern Living". In the post he waxed eloquently about the subject of drinking beer, cutting the grass on his riding mower, and waving at people as they drove by. Please go HERE to read this most excellent post.

Anyhoo, I got to thinking about driving in the south. This waving thing is definitely a southern thing also. If you take a leisurely afternoon drive around here, you will no doubt receive waves from many people for no reason other than to just be waving.

The GROUCH has taken waving to a whole new level and I make it a point to do more than my share of waving. Just ask sweet wifey about it.

The first wave is known as THE LEISURELY ONE FINGER ERECTION.

Now before you get too excited, look closely at the picture. Ah ha! It is not the finger you were thinking about. This wave takes very little effort and energy and is particularly good on a hot day when you're tired. All that is required is the simple extension of the index finger. If you have the energy, you can gently twitch the finger back and forth.

If you are encountering a line of traffic, you can keep the finger extended, gently twitching it until all the cars have gone by. This way you have brightened everyone's day on the road with a simple wave. Many times the oncoming cars will reciprocate with a similar gesture.

If you're feeling more energetic you may want to try the 2 FINGER WAVE, also known as the "peace" sign or the "victory" sign depending on if you are a dove or a hawk.

I usually add a big smile to this pleasant gesture. There is absolutely no way this maneuver can be confused with the other 1 finger salute.

Now just admit it. If you saw this fellow coming at you on the road, wouldn't you just feel better?

If you're feeling really frisky, you can indulge in the "I'M TRYING TO FLAG YOU DOWN WAVE".

This wave will really get the other driver's attention although I do not recommend doing this to a line of traffic as you have to take both hands off the wheel during the maneuver. If you're driving a convertible you can really get into this by greatly flapping your arms toward the sky! Not only will the other driver be surprised, he/she will also wonder, "who the hell was that???", for at least the next 10 minutes.

I have also seen this wave on the river from stranded boaters, however, instead of a big goofy grin, the boater is usually wearing a distressed look. Also, everyone else in the boat will usually be doing the same thing. That's how you can tell the difference.

Finally, you can really surprise the other driver with the "OMG I'M ABOUT TO CRASH!" wave.

If you see someone doing this IN YOUR LANE approaching you, it's probably NOT just a friendly wave!

Whatever form of waving you decide to try, just remember that up north you won't likely receive any gratification. As my friend Lizzard pointed out, unsolicited waving is a southern thing. You won't find a bunch of Yankees waving at you or waving back at you. In fact if you wave at a Yankee driver, they will frequently glare angrily at you as if to say, "How dare you wave at me without my permission?" I guess Yankees are generally just not a very happy lot, and I have found that their GIVE-A-CRAP-O-METERS are in the red zone over the most insignificant things.

Yankee Driver

So now you know all you need to know about waving and driving. I even wave at people while driving at night. Sweet wifey says, "Why are you waving? They can't see you!"

I reply, "Ahhhhhh yes! But it's the thought that counts!"

Make it a point to wave at someone on your next drive.

A Smile or Two, Just for You

I'm not real big on bumper stickers, but I just could not pass this one up, and this is especially true after hearing of some of the provisions of his "healthcare" bill and his "crap and trade" bill.

Indeed, this sticker will look real good on my old truck. I can only hope some Obama supporter goes down the road squalling and wringing his/her hands!

How's that change working out for ya?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Republicans catering to the wrong crowd

In the previous post I said I was listening to a talk radio host. During this same show, the host was talking to Scott Rasmussen, the world famous pollster. The conversation was mainly about Barack Obama's recent decline in the opinion polls. The conclusion was that the favorable ratings reflect the condition of the economy.

Scott Rasmussen

As an aside Rasmussen mentioned the following:

1. There are more Democrats than there are liberals.
2. There are more conservatives than there are Republicans.
3. There are also way more people that identify themselves as conservatives than liberals.

He went on to conclude that the Democrats had to cater to "independents" in order to win. He also went on to say that Republicans should cater to conservatives in order to win.....


Finally someone has said something that made sense!

If you listen to your typical RINO and blue blood Republican like John McCain or Colin Powell, you'll hear them say they need to open the big tent up to the independents. They do this at the expense of turning their backs on conservatives!

Is it any wonder the Republicans took a beating in 2006 and 2008?

It's time to wake up! Kick out the RINO's and bring back good old fashioned conservatism to the fore!


I'm With YOU, Barry!

I was listening to a talk radio host yesterday who said that the Republican party simply did not need to be the party of NO. He declared that we needed to try and find areas of common ground with the president instead of just saying NO to his ideas and policies. What was funny was that as the radio host kept talking, it was evident that he couldn't find any areas of common ground. Barry has tried at every turn to apply his radical agenda. He's taken over the banks; he's taken over the car companies; he has declared what CEO's and other workers of these companies should be paid; he has apologized to the world for all the "mistakes" of the United States; he has chosen to get in bed with tin pot dictators and turn his back on those seeking freedom, liberty, and democracy; he's pushed through the "porkulous" stimulus package which has done nothing other than put our grandchildren in debt; and now he wants to institute the carbon tax bill which will add several thousand dollars per year of expense to each household; and he wants to take over your healthcare and have the government decide for you what you should do and not do as far as your health is concerned.

So I thought and thought about this myself. Is there any issue on which I agree with the president?


The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is BS (Barbra Streisand)

For those of you non-football fans, your GIVE-A-CRAP-O-METER is probably sitting on ho-hum, but for us football fans, having some computer program decide which college teams get to play for the National Championship and more importantly which do not is ridiculous. What frequently happens is that undefeated teams will not have a chance at the championship while teams that have one or even two losses often end up the winner. The example this year was Utah. They defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and were undefeated for the year. The "championship" game was between Florida and Oklahoma, with Florida coming out on top. Florida however suffered a single loss during the year, which resulted in undefeated Utah having to settle for second place.

So who is the better team, Florida? Utah? Wouldn't it have been nice to let those two teams slug it out for the honors? You reckon anybody would have watched?

Hell, this year let's just have some poll and a computer decide which two pro teams go to the Super Bowl! How far do you think that idea would get?

On this issue, Barry Obama and I agree. The BCS system should be abolished and a playoff system instituted. I say take the teams with the 16 best records and have sudden death playoffs, with the last two left standing slug it out for the championship. Oh they could still have the obligatory Trojan Condom Loser Bowls for the 6 and 5 teams to attend.

No doubt there would be millions of fans ready to watch the college football playoffs. TV networks would be in a fist fight for the right to televise them. Sponsors would be throwing out money right and left to get it done, and when it was all over, the championship team would REALLY have something to be proud of!

Having said that, I disagree with the notion that the gubment should have any hand in making a college football playoff system happen. Too bad I have read articles that congress wants to get involved in the "deeply flawed" BCS system. Go HERE to read one of these articles. This one was way back in 2005 and the committee chairman was a Texas Republican.........SIGH................why can't the gubment just keep their noses out of our bidness?

Worthless and Weak

I heard that our wonderful Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, aka Lindsey Grahamnesty, has stated with regard to the racist Supreme Court nominee, Sonya Sotomayor, (my God she's hideous!) that he was still undecided but, "I honestly think I could vote for her."

Sotomayor YIKES!!!

Good Lord senator! What is there left to decide? She stated she would make a better judge than a white guy, just because of her experience as a latina! What if John Roberts or Sam Alito had said they were better qualified because they were white guys? She's not going to follow the law or protect the Constitution. She's going to vote based on her experience and upon how she FEELS. The New Haven firefighters are a prime example.

It is because of people like Lindsey Grahamnesty that the Republican party is in the shape it is in today. Absolute spineless, wimpy, cross-the-aisle, let's-just-all-get-along, RINO's (Republicans in Name Only). If I lived in South Carolina, I'd be embarassed with the likes of Grahamnesty and their hypocrit governor at the helm.

Senator, it's time to grow a pair, take a stand, and say NO! Not just no but HELL NO!

People of South Carolina, it's time to vote this idiot out of office once and for all!

GROUCH HAS SPOKEN......if anyone doesn't like it, SUCK ON IT!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What I Believe - Creation or Evolution???

If you believe in a personal living God, I am not sure how you discount the idea of creation in favor of pure evolution or any other explanation that posits that life occurred by some natural process without divine intervention. The war between creation and evolution has of course raged on for many years. Most on the far left (not all probably) poo poo the idea of creation. Most of them poo poo the idea of God Almighty, and therefore rely on evolution or some other secular method to explain our being. Indeed many of them become enraged at the idea that we even mention the notion of creation to school children. Much of this I am sure is tied to their view on abortion. Again if one believes in a personal living God, and believes that humans are endowed with a soul, then it would be tough to square the belief that abortion is acceptable. This is where many of them get into trouble. They want to have it both ways, professing to be God fearing people on one hand, while on the other hand screaming at the top of their lungs that a woman has the right to choose even if it means the murder of another human being. Alas, I digress. Go read my previous post on abortion.

Conversely I have known some I would tag “Christian Fundamentalists” that become enraged at an idea that denies that heaven and earth were created in six days and that God rested on the seventh. Anything else is heresy.

The irony of all of this is that in spite of all the hand ringing, howling, and caterwauling from either side, there is no way to prove nor disprove either position.

So what do I believe? I certainly believe there is a personal living God. I also believe in creation. I cannot prove His existence. I cannot prove that creation was the way we came into being. I have to take that on faith. You can argue against my position until you are blue in the face, but you will not convince me otherwise. Furthermore, you cannot prove me wrong!

Creation of Adam

I do not necessarily believe in a literal six day creation. The evidence against this to me is pretty convincing. First of all, we have to ask ourselves, what does a DAY mean to Almighty God? To us a day means the time it takes for the earth to rotate once on its axis, 24 hours. If we lived on Venus, our single day would be 243 earth days long. On Jupiter a day is slightly less than 10 earth hours. So our notion of a day is due entirely to our perspective on earth. I betcha that Moses when he wrote the Genesis account of creation would have had a hard time understanding the concept of a day in terms of earth rotation. Back then there was no understanding of the earth, the sun, and the planets as we understand them today. Therefore, I profess that our 24 hour earth day means nothing to an infinite God who in fact is responsible for the whole universe.

Moses! Moses!

Secondly, what does time as we know it mean to an infinite God anyway? I believe that God always has been and always will be. To God, time is inconsequential. I know, it’s a hard concept for us mere mortals to grasp. So God told Moses about creation in terms of “days” simply for our benefit, to make an infinite concept understandable.

Albert Einstein

Thirdly, what is time anyway? Einstein proved that time is different for everyone in the universe. Time is different for someone flying through space compared to someone standing still. Time is different for someone standing on a large mass with lots of gravity compared with someone floating free in space, so WHAT TIME IS IT?

Fourthly, the geological evidence of an earth billions of years old is substantial. We have evidence of continents that have shifted over the globe for millions of years. We have fossil evidence of many prehistoric creatures that have come and gone long before we got here. I have a friend that believes in a literal six day creation. He declares that the appearance of a prehistoric earth is an illusion created also by God. Great theory and certainly possible, but once again he can’t prove this. If this is the case I wonder why God would create such an illusion in the first place? He first tells us that heaven and earth were created in six days and then creates evidence to the contrary? Sorry, I’m going to stick with my non-literal creation belief for now.

So what about evolution? Well, many of those on the left will have a hissy-fit at the suggestion that evolution is not occurring. Unfortunately, they have no solid proof of their position. I do not discount the existence of evolution, and I think evolution may very well have been a tool by which our Creator molded things into being over millions of years. To emphatically state that one species gave rise to another however is a specious argument at best. There is just simply no fossil evidence of the missing links.

One Theory of Man's Evolution

There is no doubt that the species of plants and animals are structurally related. Vertebrate animals all have backbones (except for our spineless politicians in Washington). My dog has a four chambered heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys, just like me. Some other animals have 3 chambered hearts or 2 chambered hearts. Even an earthworm has a rudimentary circulatory system, but to say that one species beget another is a stretch. It would be like saying that a Volkswagen gave rise to a Cadillac, but there is no doubt that they had a common ancestor in the Model T Ford.

It would be great if evolution were a nice gradual process that occurred over millions of years and left nice varieties of missing link fossils so that scientists could prove a smooth orderly progression from the lowly amoeba to human beings. Unfortunately, it did not work that way. A thing that I find amazing is that there have been several periods throughout prehistory of mass extinctions, whole systems of flora and fauna have appeared over periods encompassing millions of years only to be exterminated by some catastrophic event. Slowly but surely, after each mass extinction, life has returned usually in quite different forms than had been before.

Another More Likely Theory of Man's Evolution

So I certainly believe that evolution and natural selection exist and are tools used by our Creator to make our world what it is today, but I don’t believe things just happened at random without divine direction. Even the strict evolutionist/atheist will hit a stump when presented with the question of how did the very first life begin? It’s pretty hard for me to swallow the notion that a stew of hydrogen, oxygen, methane, and ammonia, and a few other ingredients got together and then a lightning bolt comes and POOF life begins. Aristotle came up with the idea of spontaneous generation which postulated that inanimate objects could suddenly give rise to living creatures, and marveled that putrefied material would give rise to living things (maggots and flies I guess). We know that Aristotle was wrong about this but maybe he was onto something at the micro-cellular level. I believe that the guiding hand of God indeed put together all those elements necessary for life.

I don’t profess to know how He did it, but I can still gaze into the night sky and let my imagination run wild. How about life on other planets? Boy that's a topic for another post!

"I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God."