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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost Creek Rocks!

This will be our thirteenth Halloween here at our sleepy Lost Creek home. Lots of good things can be said for living in the sticks. It's peaceful and quiet......I like peaceful and quiet.

Also in thirteen years I recall that we have only had one door to door salesman. I think he was selling insurance or something. We've only had one Jehovah's Witness. Those people have no idea what they are selling! And best of all, we have had NO TRICK OR TREATERS!

That's right! Not a single little dipsh*t dressed in some ridiculous costume hollering, "TRICK OR TREAT!" Not one in thirteen years!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! There's just nothing like the peace and quiet of Lost Creek!

Electric Generators Direct

I love dealing with people who know what they are doing. I got our new generator wired up and fired up today and it runs like a champ. Sweet Wifey (she is so sweet) loves the electric start. I ordered the generator from an online outfit, Electric Generators Direct. These people have got it going on. They have a very nice and well done website with lots of pictures, specifications, help files and even videos to help you select the best generator for your needs.

I ordered the generator last Sundee and I had it Wensdee. Fast fast fast, no hassles (unlike Musician's Friend who'll string you along for a month with one pile of BS after another). I did everything point and click. I never had to talk to a pesky human. The truck driver met me in town and he helped me load it into my pickup. I found out he was a guitar player (he noticed the Fender sticker on my truck) and we spent some time shooting the sh*t about bands and music.

The Honeywell manual was also very well done and made assembly and startup uneventful. All in all, my generator purchase was an enjoyable experience.

If you need a generator, I highly recommend Electric Generators Direct.

I do not recommend Musician's Friend. They suck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emergency Preparedness, Lost Creek Style

Well, I guess I'm a little bit old to qualify as a Boy Scout, but I'm prepared nevertheless. Here's a picture of my brand new 7500 watt, electric start, portable generator:

Our old generator was just that, OLD. It also had a leak in the gas tank and was a recoil start, so sweet wifey with her puny little bug muscles was not able to start it. We had had the old unit for as long as we have lived here, 13 years, so I thought it was probably time to upgrade.

The new generator weighs 233 pounds so with my bad back and her puny bug muscles I had to come up with a plan. I met the truck driver in town yesterday and he helped me slide it into the back of my pickup from his semi.

Today.....after the rain stopped......I assembled the generator in the back of the truck. Then I carefully backed the truck up to the landing of the porch, constructed a ramp from scrap lumbar, and rolled the beast to its final resting place.

During the assembly, sweet wifey called my attention to something interesting on the wheels:

Take a close look at the writing on the tire:
"Not for highway use"

Now you know what happened. Some redneck hooked the generator to the back of his truck and went driving off down the highway, no doubt leading to some kind of disaster.

I am sure the redneck who doesn't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, but nevertheless has a lawyer, sued Honeywell because they failed to warn him not to hook the generator up to his pickup truck. YOU JUST KNOW IT HAD TO HAPPEN!

Anyway, sweet wifey and I had a good laugh.

We have tons of trees all over the place here. I dread the thought of a major ice storm during the winter, with no power for weeks. In 13 years it has not happened, but I have a feeling in my bones that our luck may be running thin, you know with all that massive man made global warming????

Anyway, now we'll have a backup to at least run the fridge and the freezer. We have natural gas heat and a millivolt thermostat (no commercial power required to fire the furnace), so we should be fine there. In a real pinch I also have a 23000 BTU kerosene heater. Oh yeah, we also have a propane cook stove. So hopefully even in the worst situation we'll have heat and food and a few lights.


PS: I donated the old generator to the ham radio club.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The People Have Spoken Loudly! The Second Amendment Lives!

Well, the second amendment is still alive in Decatur County, Tennessee. I read in the local newspaper that the county commission had reversed itself on a previous ruling that would have "opted out" of a state law allowing those with gun permits to carry weapons in county owned parks.

I wrote a letter to the editor about this very issue. See my previous post HERE. Looks like a lot of other people did some writing and calling as well. In fact I have had several of the local folks thank me in person for my letter.

The vote this time was 16 to 1 in favor of reversing the "opt out" with Gale Swift voting against. I don't know Gale Swift, but she should be voted out next election. The previous vote was 14-3 in favor of the "opt out". Looks like the county commission was taken to the woodshed. I can see them all sitting there now, "Our asses are gonna be toast next year if we don't fix this!" I betcha Gale Swift probably voted the way she did for "THE CHILDREN".

Doncha just get sick and tired of liberals trying to heap stupid ideas on us in the name of saving the children?

Oh we Decatur Countians do love our guns! Of course I think the original gang of 14 should still be voted out. The issue should be a no brainer. They should have said, "This opt out thing will violate the second amendment." and dropped the whole thing right there. Unfortunately, for 14 of them, that connection was never made. Too bad we ordinary citizens have to regularly give politicians a beating to keep them on the straight and narrow.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decatur County Amateur Radio Club Website

I just wanted to announce the formation of a new website for the Decatur County Amateur Radio Club. The club is in its infancy, only being formed at the first of this year. I have been involved with a lot of other things and have not been able to devote much time to it. Fortunately we have enrolled a new member, Buck Castleberry, AJ4SL, who has created the website and is very enthusiastic about the club. I'm hopeful that over the next few months we can secure a regular meeting place, formulate instructional classes, form a volunteer examiner team, and plan on some activities like field day.

There's not a lot of stuff on the website yet, but I have put a link in the left sidebar. Please check there from time to time for updates. I'll put up a post here announcing any significant club events.


Monday, October 26, 2009

A Particular Evil Drug Company Annoys Me!

I get one of these in the mail, EVERY MONTH!

If you'll click on the image, you'll see that it is a letter from City Drug Store reminding me to get my prescription for Avandia. Well, it's not really from City Drug Store (which is not in Wilmington, MA.), it's from the makers of Avandia, GlaxoSmithKline.

Now if I got one of these every once in a blue moon, I'd say, "Well that's nice they were thinking of me."

When I get two of them I'd say, "Oops, they made a mistake."

When I get three of them back to back I say, "They're beginning to annoy the #$%&@ out of me!"

So far this year, I've gotten 9 of them. "They're really pissing me off!"

Avandia is one of those way overpriced drugs (no generics yet) from that evil drug company, GlaxoSmithKline. And it is apparent to me that they don't really give a hoot in hell about my health or well being. They just don't want me to forget to go buy their way overpriced drug...................like I'm some kinda moron or something!

Now just think of all the dead trees, the printing costs, the postage costs, and the enormous carbon footprint generated by sending these monthly reminders out to everyone taking Avandia. Not to mention the extra carbon footprint generated by me due to the energy expended as I throw the thing in the trash. You can bet your sweet ass that I'm not the only one that gets these.

I'd rather they would halt the mailouts and shave some of the price off the drug instead.


Sneaky Junk Mail

Have any of you gotten one of these?

Or perhaps one of these?

They may not mean much to those of you who are not self employed, but they look very much like the mail I have gotten from the IRS after I have made a mistake in sending them not enough of my money. They are notifying me they want more of a "contribution" with penalties and interest of course.

If you'll click on the pictures, you'll see that they are both junk mail envelopes from the Republican National Committee, begging for money.

Doncha like the first one? "Do Not Destroy Official Document".
Like jack booted thugs are gonna come marching in if I shred it.

I really like the second one, "Form 1163 Return Enclosed"

There is bound to be a way to have these idiots arrested for mail fraud!

On more than one occasion, I've told the RNC that the only way they are going to get any more money from me is if:

1. Senator Lamar Alexander resigns.

2. Senator Bob Corker quits trying to "work with Democrats" to "get things done" and starts acting like a conservative.

These envelopes are bound to be expensive to manufacture and send. I'm gonna figure a way to stuff the return envelopes with lead weights and send them back at their expense. That'll showem!

Now That's Entertainment

During a dismal year for Tennessee football, the University of Tennessee Volunteers put on a spirited performance against the Alabama Crimson Tide Saredee. If you didn't see it, the Vols came within 2 points of the Tide with just seconds to go only to be turned away from the shocker of the season by a blocked field goal.

There is no doubt that Alabama is a powerhouse and may very well be the national champs this year. The Vols came to play and fought tooth and nail to the bitter end battling back from a 9 point deficit to a near victory.

Even with the loss the guys from Knoxville provided some nail-biting excitement on a Saredee afternoon. What a refreshing change over the abysmal performance of the Titans.

Windows versus Leopard - No Contest

Just wanted to give a little update on my new MacBook Pro. I'm delighted so far. Here's a few comparisons to my Windows computers:

1. The Mac boots up and runs in about 15 seconds. It takes my Windows machines about 2 minutes.

2. The Mac shuts down in about 10 seconds. It takes the Windows machines a couple of minutes to shut down while it "saves your settings".

3. When I'm pointing and clicking or typing on the Mac, I can do so uninterrupted. The Windows machines will frequently switch without notice to another window or put up a stupid dialog box telling you about some available update or some situation you don't really care about.........ANNOYING!

4. When I click on the Mac, it responds immediately, first time, every time. Often, you'll click on the Windows machine and it just sits.............you click again.........wait.......wait.........that damned pointer changes to an hour glass.........wait......you look down and see the hard drive light on and hear the drive churning away endlessly.........WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING?

5. When I turn the Mac on, I find everything just as I left it. When the Windows machines finally wake up, sometimes screen sizes will be different, sometimes settings will be changed etc. I fired up my Windows Vista notebook the other day to find that it had turned off my wireless internet connection. However the network indicator light on the computer was still on. To fix things, I had to reboot, and manually search out and re-establish wireless internet connections.

6. The Leopard interface is different from Windows but very intuitive. I'm zipping along now as if I have always had a Mac.

7. I never really liked notebook computers much until now. I never really cared for the touch pad versus a regular mouse like with a desktop, but the Mac has changed all that. The touchpad will do a variety of different things depending on how many fingers you have on the pad at one time. You can move, scroll, size, and rotate documents all with the fingers of one hand. There are no buttons. You can "left click" by pushing ANYWHERE on the pad, and you can still "right click" down in the lower right corner. This thing is just too cool.

8. When the Mac goes to sleep, it wakes up in the same state as before. Sometimes when my Windows Vista notebook goes to sleep, it wakes up with different settings. Sometimes it won't wake up at all (I've actually had to take the battery out and do a hard reset to get its attention).

I'm using the Mac to run my Pro Tools audio studio program. It runs flawlessly on the Mac. Pro Tools itself is another matter. It is not something where you read a manual and away you go. It is a process and requires CONTINUOUS learning, but the Mac never interferes with the learning process.

So far I'm still smiling. These days it takes a lot to get the GROUCH to smile.

A Tattooed Dude Sneaks in the Race Card!

It's always funny when you offend a liberal or an idiot (one in the same) that they frequently try and sneak the race card in under your nose. Back in July I put up a post titled:

Pretty Girls, Ugly Girls, Tattoos, Jobs, Welfare, Life's Little Decisions

If you missed it click HERE and read.

I got a comment today from an anonymous responder. Here it is in it's entirety:

"Rich white guys" like yourself were the same dudes who thought black people should be treated differently because of the way they look. Society changes and people need to get over it...And last time i checked we all got old and wrinkly in the end so what's the difference if you have an old wrinkly tattoo or an old wrinkly arm? There is none. The only difference between a tattooed person and a non-tattooed person is that someone with tattoos will not judge you for having one.

and my reply:

I always find it amusing when idiots like you try to sneak in the race card when the truth is revealed. I have never in my life thought black people or people of any other color should be treated differently.

Being black or red or purple is not a choice. Putting a stupid, hideous tattoo on your body is a choice and a bad one I might add. I guess you spent so much time wringing your hands that you missed the whole point of the post.

It is EVERYBODY'S CHOICE in life to make good decisions so that you don't end up having to sponge off society to survive. Like I said in the post, I don't give a rat's ass about your need to express your individualism. Too bad that you have your head so far up your ass that you can't see the truth when it is as plain as the nose on your face and can't admit you made a BAD choice.

By the way. Grow a pair and don't make anonymous posts. If you're so sure of yourself, there is no need to hide behind anonymity.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. They just love to throw that race card don't they? I however have no problem responding "Chicago style".

Friday, October 23, 2009

My How Far the Mighty Have Fallen!

In Greek mythology, the Titans were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn.

Titan is a large and powerful rocket booster built by the U.S.

Whenever you hear the word Titan, you think of something grand and powerful.

Then there are the Tennessee Titans.......hmmmm, 0-6 for the season with a humiliating 59-0 loss to the New England Patriots last week. My how far the great and mighty have fallen, from a 10-0 start last year to 0-6.

Their best game so far was their opening loss to the Steelers. It's been downhill ever since.

I'm a fan but I don't pretend to know about all the intricacies and technicalities of the game. Seems as if there is a lot of talent on the team. I know they've had to contend with injuries especially on defense, but 0-6? I just don't get it. September and October are great months, but it's been a little tough for a Tennessee fan this year. The Tennessee VOLS 3-3 so far are likely in store for a royal ass whupping tomorrow at the hands of the powerful Alabama Crimson Tide, and then they have South Carolina next week.

The only good news it seems is that the Titans have a bye this Sunday. That'll give us a couple of weeks to forget how much they really suck.

First Do No Harm, and Do it Cheaply!

Sometimes the most frustrating thing about being a doctor is watching some of the things my other colleagues do. Specifically I am talking about drug prescribing habits.

Back when I was a family practitioner, I was constantly inundated with pharmaceutical representatives, so many in fact that I eventually had to limit the number of them I would see each week. Now, I have nothing against drug reps and unlike so many today, I have nothing against all those "evil" drug companies.

Evil drug companies are a good thing. They do research. They invent and perfect many new drugs. I marvel at all the new and wonderful things that have been invented since I started practicing 30 years ago. As with everything else in a free market society, results and new inventions come with a price tag. Many of these new drugs are very expensive. Again I will not criticize the companies. They had to invest millions of dollars in researching effectiveness and safety. These companies are owned by stockholders (you and me and everyone else that has IRA's and 401K's) and the companies are beholding to those stockholders. The stockholders expect profits and dividends. Without profits the companies won't be around very long. I suppose you've noticed that most of those on the left take pleasure in demonizing the drug companies, but think where we'd be if we didn't have all those wonderful medicines that increase our lifespan and reduce pain and suffering! Those on the left I guess would have us go back to a time where people died of illnesses we consider trivial today.

The job of the drug rep is to visit the doctor, give a presentation to the doctor concerning new drugs, and ultimately try to convince the doctor to prescribe their new drug. Realize that the drug rep is generally going to present information that will cast a favorable light on their new drug. Realize that sometimes the studies they will show us may not have been performed in the most scientific manner. It is up to us to always be skeptical and one question that I always asked was. "How much does it cost the patient?"

Unfortunately, many of my colleagues and to a greater degree nurse practitioners seem to be mesmerized by the claims of drug reps and don't bother to investigate the validity of claims. Furthermore, a bunch of them seem to give no thought to the expense of the medicines they are prescribing.

Understand that out of every 100 or so patients a family practice doc sees, that probably 80 of them will have complaints that in reality require no attention. They will get better if you do nothing. Out of the remaining 20 percent perhaps three or four will have really bad stuff happening and may in fact die if you don't do something. The rest of the 20 percent will require varying degrees of medical attention to return them to good health or at least status quo. Part of the art of medicine is deciding between who is really sick and who is just worried.

Also, most of the 80 percent who are going to get better no matter what, expect YOU TO DO SOMETHING, so in the interest of good customer relations many times we need to invent some kind of good treatment. This brings us back to the number one rule of medicine which says, "First do no harm." I might add to that, "First do no harm and do it cheaply."

Now you can't really blame us for this. The "you gotta do something" philosophy is part of the culture and it starts at the top with all the Bozos in congress. "We gotta do something! We gotta do something! We gotta get a bill! We gotta get a bill!" How many stupid and intrusive laws have been created out of the "let's get something done mentality"? Alas I digress…………..

It never fails but when a drug rep comes around with a brand new fancy antibiotic, in a very few days you'll see people with colds and flu and a variety of other minor ailments receiving that brand new antibiotic usually at a price of between 50 and 100 dollars and sometimes more. Of course, the patient will take this new expensive antibiotic, and after a week or 10 days, they will be all better. "Oh! What a glorious new antibiotic that was!" they will say.

I have to just shake my head. If the same person had taken a sugar pill, I know in my heart they would have been better in the same length of time, and they would have had an extra 50 or 100 bucks to spend on beer, cigarettes, or pizzas. I have always said, "If you're going to try and kill a virus with an antibiotic, at least use a cheap antibiotic."

The sad truth is that the new high priced antibiotic should have been reserved for one of those really sick folks in the 20 percent crowd.

Back in the 1930's and 40's when sulfa and penicillin came along, those drugs killed just about every bacterium that crawled. Over the years as antibiotics have been prescribed more and more for less and less serious illnesses, antibiotic resistance has skyrocketed. Now days we have "superbacteria" which are resistant to most every antibiotic. Those evil drug companies face a constant struggle to develop new and more powerful antibiotics to fight the resistant bacterial strains. As the new drugs are overused by healthcare professionals, those same drugs also lose their effectiveness due to resistance. It is a vicious spiral so it seems.

Speaking of antibiotics, I am of the opinion that for most "run of the mill" events, generic antibiotics work just fine. In fact with a few notable exceptions generic drugs work just as well as brands and they are vastly cheaper.

Generic ampicillin, ciprofloxin, or doxycycline, will only cost you a few bucks at the pharmacy and in most cases will do everything the new 100 dollar supercolossal antibiotic will do. I take simvastatin (Zocor) for cholesterol. Before it went generic a month's supply was almost 100 bucks. Now I can get the same drug in generic form for about 6 bucks. I see ads on TV all the time for things like Crestor and Lipitor….fancy names at fancy prices. There are no convincing studies that these drugs are any better than my generic simvastatin. My last LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) was 62. I don't think I could do much better with a brand.

So here we are in the 21st century griping about the high price of American medicine. Who is to blame? I blame our congress and our culture and the nanny state mentality that seemingly has engulfed us. I blame insurance mandates that force insurance companies to sell us coverages at inflated prices that we don't want. I blame regulations that won't allow us to purchase health insurance across state lines. I blame trial lawyers for obvious reasons. Finally, I blame many of my colleagues for ordering expensive tests and prescribing expensive medicine when more economical choices would suffice.

In medicine as with every other endeavor in life, a little common sense will go a long way.

The next time your doc or (gasp!) nurse practitioner wants to write you a 100 dollar antibiotic prescription, ask 2 questions:

1.Are you trying to kill a virus with this?
2.Will a cheap generic drug work just as well?

The nurse practitioner will probably break into tears and tell you to rush to the emergency room. The doctor will either get mad at you, agree that the generic will probably be fine, or take time to explain to you why the brand name would be better in this case. If the doc gets mad, it's time to find a different doctor.

Keep Smiling!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strangers Crash the Wedding

Just a sampling of the Morbid Strangers at the Sullivan - Pope wedding:

I Still Got It!!!!!

As we were heading out to the Sullivan wedding yesterday, sweet Wifey (she is so sweet) axed me how old Dan and Teresa were. I told her I didn't know exactly but I figured they were close to our age.

She said, "Can you imagine getting married at our age?"

I replied, "Well if I were marrying YOU it would be fine."

There was a brief silence and then, "Boy, that was the right answer."


Morbid Strangers Fun

A good time was had by all yesterday as my good friends, Dan Sullivan and Teresa Pope Sullivan were married on the farm where Dan is employed. I'm happy to add that the Morbid Strangers played for the reception afterward.

We played from 4PM until 8PM and last night was one of the coldest of the season so far. We were OUTSIDE! You could see our breath around the microphones as we sang during the last set. How's that man made global warming working out for ya? I was glad when it was over. My right hand was cold and cramping and the guitar players were having trouble keeping things in tune, but all in all we had a great time. Seems like we always do whenever we play.

Congratulations Dan and Teresa.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Running for Cover????

Well, to understand this post, you'll have to read the post immediately preceding this one. Anyway, here is a "clarification" from the administrator of Henderson County Community Hospital and somewhat of a retraction from Elite Emergency Services.


I stated that we were required to have our physicians inoculated or sign a declination form. I also stated this was a CHS initiative and that we strongly encourage all staff to have their flu shot. I did not stat that medical professionals were REQUIRED to have the flu vaccine. I also stated that this was a CHS initiative and not a HCCH initiative. This was a FYI since Elite is in more than one of our facilities. You can choose whatever format you wish, I just need the physicians that work here to provide one or the other. We have developed a form for employee health to use in order to take verbal declinations that includes reasons why they are declining. You will need to check with other facilities to see what process they are using.


In response to the main email sent out previously this week, just know that Elite wants to provide the best medical services to all of our facilities and that Elite tries to communicate in an effective manner with policy changes at each facility. If there was any misunderstanding, Elite apologizes in advance. This email was sent anonymously to all physicians and medical professionals that contract with Elite. If you choose not to have the inoculation and you work at Henderson, please just state it on the form and send back to Elite.

Thanks to each and every one of you and the excellent medical services you provide for Elite!

So there you have it! What do you think? I report, you decide!

We have to remember that the CDC is a gubment agency and you can bet the majority of the people that work there are in the pocket of the Obama administration. Since the Obama administration has done nothing but lie to us from the outset, I give little credence to the CDC.................BUT, unlike me, many are happy to blindly and without question, just go along with anything they might say.

And So the Meddling Begins

I got this from Elite Emergency Services, the company with which I am contracted:

Attention All Physicians/Medical Professionals with Elite Emergency

Holly Fowler ,CEO of Henderson County Community Hospital, has brought to the attention of Elite Staff, that CHS is now requiring that all physicians and other medical professionals get the flu/influenza inoculation and turn the attached sheet to her. Elite will collect the document for each Elite physician/medical professional and get them to Ms. Fowler on your behalf. If you do not work for Henderson you must still get Elite this paper since all of the facilities are going to eventually require the inoculation this season.

If you have not had the flu inoculation please do so at your earliest convenience and fax the completed sheet to 615-778-0209.

If you have already taken the flu inoculation please complete the form as soon as possible and fax back to Elite @ 615-778-0209

I know this may come as an inconveience, but this year is going to be the worse for flu/influenza cases. (SAYS WHO?)

It makes sense for all medical professionals to have the inoculation.

I have also attached a document about the flu/influenza and how its going to effect the communities/individuals/children in which you serve, as well as some other useful information. This was provided by The Centers for Diease Control and Prevention.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important matter.

Well now, here we go again! Someone else trying to tell physicians what to do. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I already took both of the flu shots. I did it because I wanted to protect myself, not because someone from the United Nanny States of America thought it was a good idea. If I were not at high risk for catching the flu I might have simply adopted the Rush Limbaugh doctrine: "SCREW YOU!"

Anyway, here is my reply to Elite:

It would be interesting to see what kind of legal battles might ensue if Henderson County tried to force physicians to take influenza vaccine.

I recall nothing in my contract requiring that I take any such vaccine.

Since I do not work at Henderson County I guess the point is moot.

However, be advised that I do not intend to provide Elite or anyone else a document proving that I have had flu vaccines.

I am not inclined to do anything just because some government agency said that I must. In fact, it is none of the government's damned business what I do or don't do. It is because of years of unquestioning capitulation to the government that we find ourselves in the mess we are in today.

Dr. Hamilton


UPDATE: I already got a message from Elite backing off on the "requirement".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama says he's looking at any way to create jobs

"SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) - Standing at the site of a highway project funded by his economic stimulus plan, President Barack Obama said Wednesday he is committed to exploring all avenues to create jobs.

Obama said his administration is going to keep going until "every single American in this country who's looking for work is going to be able to get the kind of well-paying job that supports their families.""

Go HERE to read the rest....

Barry, old buddy, old pal, let me help you out. The solution is EZ:

1. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

2. Suspend the payroll tax for at least three months.

3. Reduce the top marginal rate to say........28 percent????

4. Repeal the capital gains tax.

5. Forget this nonsense about socialized medicine.

6. Forget this nonsense about cap and trade.

7. Abolish CAFE standards for the gubment owned car companies and let them make cars that people want to buy.

8. Let's start drilling like hell for our own oil, let's build lots of new nuclear plants and new oil refineries and become energy independent once and for all!

9. Don't spend any of the rest of the unspent "stimulus" money.


Your friend,

The Grouch...

No Steenkin Swine Flu for Me!

Go read sweet wifey's post about flu shots at RIGHT TRUTH.

Well, I also got my H1N1 today. I got my seasonal vaccine a couple of weeks ago.

Now let me say that I did not get the shots because anyone said I had to get them. The fact of the matter is that my risk of exposure is HIGH mainly because of the people that rush up here to be tested only to be told there is nothing to be done.

The CDC by the way is advising AGAINST Tamiflu at this time. We are told the drug is minimally effective and causes emergence of resistance by the virus. So with the exception of very high risk cases with comorbidities, the treatment is rest, tylenol, ibuprofen, and time......at least that is what the CDC is saying this week. They may change their mind again next week.

I have noticed that several of the nurse practitioners are still handing Tamiflu out like candy. I saw one case today who had a NEGATIVE flu test and was given Tamiflu anyway. Oh doncha just love those nurse practitioners? The patient was not better the next day so they rushed to the ER.

"Take Tylenol and Ibuprofen! That'll be a few hundred bux please! "

I can't wait until later on in the winter when both the swine and the seasonal flu get going together full blast! The nurse practitioners will go nuts!

Anyway, I took the vaccines. I have no time to lay on the couch for a week running fever and feeling like crap. When one of our docs is out sick, it puts an extreme burden on the whole system.

If they pass Obamacare, the gubment will find that out when a bunch of us retire early.

Yall take care.

Dang! I can't feel my left arm or my right leg! What's this huge fungating rash on my privates? Why do I suddenly have the urge to squeal like a pig????

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Good Start

Well at long last and after much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, I finally got my MacBook Pro computer from Musician's Friend. A word to the wise, don't ever order a computer from Musician's Friend. In fact I've about decided I'll never order anything else from Musician's Friend. I have never been treated so badly by a retailer.

Anyway, I unboxed it, looked at the tiny manual which I could barely see, hit the power button, and away we go. It sat there and churned with an Apple logo on the screen for a couple of minutes. Then it automatically found my wireless network, asked me if that was the network I wanted and then sent me to the Apple website for registration. In about 15 minutes I was up and running and surfing the web. Sweet Wifey (she is so sweet) looked over and said, "You mean you've got it going already?"

She grumbled that it took her most of a day to get her Dell PC going.

The interface is somewhat different than Windows XP but it is quite intuitive and the reading of a manual is really not required which is a good thing since I can't see it. I'm going to put Pro Tool audio on it tomorrow and begin a Herculean effort to understand and master that very complicated program.

The new technology lithium ion battery is impressive. It is supposed to run the machine for as long as 8 hours without a recharge. I believe it. I fooled with the computer all day today on battery power and when I finally shut it down tonight it still had 30 percent remaining. If my old Compaq laptop lasted an hour on battery I was lucky. This will be nice when I'm lugging it to band practice for recording. Sometimes convenient 110 volt receptacles are in short supply.

So I'm a happy camper and I hope I stay that way. Just say NO to Musician's Friend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Rivers? You Gotta be Sh*ttin' Me!

Watched a new show on CBS, Three Rivers. It's gotta be one of the worst medical shows I've ever seen. The whole premise is that Three Rivers is a transplant center hospital in Pittsburgh....how original.

Well, there's this illegal alien from Ethopia who tracks down the world famous transplant surgeon, Andy Yabionski. Of course the guy from Ethiopia does not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, yet he is petitioning the hospital and Dr. Yabionski for a new heart. No doubt a subliminal message to all of us out there to pass Obamacare.

Then there was this dialog:

"He's in asystole! Does he have a pulse?"

Well, I hate to tell you, but if a patient is in asystole. THEY WILL NOT HAVE A PULSE! Who writes this stuff?

Then they proceed to take a 28 week fetus by C-section. The next scene shows papa in the nursery holding a full term baby! Who writes this stuff?

Then they have a story about a muslim dude who is brain dead after an accident. He is a heart donor, but his family laments over all the hardships and persecution he had to endure after 9/11. Who write this stuff?

Question: Who writes this stuff?

Answer: Some flaming liberal who knows nothing about medicine.

Geez I'd be happy to be one of their consultants for a price!

Three Rivers has been taken off the DirecTV record list after only one episode. Don't waste your time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Life is All About Choices

It's a real sad time for this country and our armed forces. We have idiot buffoons in charge in Washington. They do not have the intelligence to follow the directions of our generals nor the courage or fortitude to win the war in Afghanistan.

I've said before in a previous post that the only time we should be involved in a war is when we are willing and able to prosecute the war quickly and violently. Half measures should never be an option. If we're not willing to engage the enemy fully and brutally, we need to get out.

Having said that, I have to painfully say that it is time for us to withdraw from Afghanistan. Better that than waste another American life in a protracted, Vietnam style quagmire which Obama and Biden seem intent on foisting upon us. It is now evident that the Karzai government is corrupt and not worth defending as far as I am concerned.

Indeed we should withdraw before another American life is spent. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if we leveled the whole place after we left, leaving not even a cockroach alive. The world would be a better place.

Will Afghanistan degenerate into another hotbed of terrorist activity? No doubt, but I guess we'll just have to hang that one on the shoulders of the Magic Negro and his lame administration. Hope we can survive until he's gone. I'm not optimistic.

The whole situation sickens me. The disgrace we have for a commander in chief sickens me even more.

If someone was trying to kill you, who in the picture above would you choose to defend you, huh?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parsing the Bill of Rights

Just something to think about:

What if the first amendment was treated the same way the second amendment is treated today?

1.Politicians would walk around saying, "I believe in everyone's right to free speech."

2.States would regulate free speech by authorizing free speech permits (for a price). You'd probably have to take a course (for a price) before you could get your permit.

3.Some cities, like Washington D.C, would pass laws prohibiting free speech.

4.Free speech would be restricted in public parks, within 500 feet of schools or in places that serve alcohol.

5.Things like talk radio would be banned by a new gubment bureaucracy authorizing speech over the airwaves only by gubment agencies.

Hmmmmm, just doesn't seem right does it? I betcha this was not what the framers had in mind either. Just something to think about......

The Way of the Wimpy RINO.

The following article appeared in the local newspaper this week. I just couldn't hep myseff! I had to send the newspaper a letter to the editor. Read below:

October 5th, 2009 - WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) predicted to a forum of 200 conservationists today that “within twenty years a new energy sprawl will consume an area larger than the state of Nebraska. Without wise choices,” he said, “the unintended consequences from using renewable energy to mitigate climate change could damage the environment in the name of saving the environment.”

The Tennessee Republican, a member of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee and Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, spoke today at a forum hosted by Resources for the Future and asked the conservationists present to suggest to policymakers the wisest choices to avoid this sprawl. He also asked them to rethink nuclear power, which he acknowledged “gives most conservationists a stomach ache, because it can produce the largest amounts of low-cost, reliable, carbon-free electricity while being least intrusive to the environment.”

Go HERE to read the rest:
My letter to the editor:

Well once again, Senator Alexander has shown his RINO (Republican in name only) colors. While his recommendation to build new nuclear plants is good and sensible, he turns right around and agrees with the left that we really need to worry about "carbon-free electricity".

He wants us to "electrify half the cars and trucks in the next 20 years" and put "solar panels on our rooftops".

What a great solution! He wants to take the already financially strapped government owned car companies and force them to make cars that nobody wants. Senator! People around here want trucks and SUV's! Trucks and SUV's are what people will buy. Trucks and SUV's are what will cause the car companies to end up making a PROFIT! Not some glorified excuse for a golf cart.

Senator! There is no such thing as man made global warming! The planet has been cooling since 1998. The amount of global sea ice is the same as it has always been. Areas of the country are experiencing record cold temperatures! There is no consensus among scientists that man made global warming is a fact!

Be bold senator! Just say that man made global warming is a hoax! We're sitting on top of all the energy we will need for decades and probably centuries to come in the form of coal and oil. All we have to do is drill for it and mine it. In the meantime if someone wants to buy an electric car or use a solar panel, then fine, go do it, but there is no way these things are going to solve the energy needs of this country.
This global warming nonsense is just that, NONSENSE! It is just another ploy by the left to raise our taxes and slowly but surely take over more and more of our personal freedom.

It just sickens me to see our Republican politicians side with the left and choose to raise our cost for energy with windmills, solar, and ethanol, and all those other things that will just not work while prohibiting our use of oil and coal. How about building some new oil refineries senator?

It's time to elect some real conservative candidates for a change. Alexander does not come up for re-election until 2014, but I am not forgetting the bipartisan, let's just all get along nonsensical things he is doing to this country.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beware of the Sea Kitten Killer - Part 3

If you have not read my previous Sea Kitten Killer posts, click HERE for part 1 and click HERE for part 2. This video was made especially for all the PETA whackos in the world out there. I hope you lose sleep over it and I hope you're so angry your bowels don't know which way to move!

A warped mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


A friend sent me this.....pretty funny I think.


Senator Lamar Alexander is the traitorous senator from Tennessee who voted to confirm the racist judge, Sonya Sotomayor. Never again will I vote for Lamar Alexander. He is not up for re-election until 2014, but I intend to post this reminder each and every month until then. I hope he either resigns or they run a true conservative against him in the primary. I challenge my fellow bloggers to do the same if you have RINO's in your state that need to go. I may add my other senator, Bob Corker, to this reminder. I'm waiting for him to cross the aisle again and work with Dimocrats.