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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Reason for Expensive Health Insurance

I got the following form from Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Tennessee today:

You can click on the image for a hi-res view if you want. It is a survey wanting me to evaluate the performance of my personal physician. I had to LOL, OMG, LMAO when I read the part asking me if "are the doctor's medical skills as good as they should be" and "the doctor was totally honest in telling you about treatment options available" and "you completely trust the doctor".

Now lets be honest. How many of you can actually provide an accurate assessment of your doctor's medical skills or honesty? The fact of the matter is that most people like or dislike a doctor based solely on personal rapport. Their judgment of the doctor has nothing to do with honesty or medical skills.

This stupid survey was obviously written by some nosy assed, nanny minded, do gooder liberal with no conception of how things are in the real world. What if I had said my doctor sucked? What are they going to do? Withhold his payment? Have him run out of town?

I sent the blank survey back to BCBS with the following reply:

Might I suggest that in the future you stop sending out these nonsensical surveys? I would rather see you stop spending money on paper, printing, and postage; fire the employees that you hire and pay to evaluate these surveys; and in turn reduce my premiums with the savings you would incur.

If I don’t like the doctor, or don’t trust the doctor, I have enough sense to know that I will probably go to see someone else next time. I don’t need you to tell me if my treatment was good or bad. It is your responsibility to PAY MY CLAIM, and as far as I am concerned, that is where your responsibility ends.

Just a suggestion….

Thomas Hamilton

In fairness to BCBS, there is probably some stupid gubment regulation requiring them to send out these surveys. Hospitals are REQUIRED by the almighty federal gubment to send them out (at the hospital's expense). The payment of the hospital is in turn based on the survey scores they receive. It's just an excuse for Medicare and Medicaid to try and pay the hospital less. We have people at our hospital who are hired and payed for the sole purpose of making sure we get good scores on these stupid surveys............more trouble.................more expense....................higher costs................higher prices.

All of this nonsense is the fault of the gubment.

It is time for a revolution!


  1. Seems the government has a way to screw up everything but a wet dream and I understand they are working on that!

  2. I haven't gotten any of these surveys from BCBS, but each time I go to the hospital here for blood test or something, they give me a survey. I ALWAYS fill it out, checking Extremely Happy with service, on everything. I hope my few surveys help to up the hospital's total scores.

    Right Truth

  3. Yeah, Ron, seems like they always have their noses in OUR bidness.

    Honey Pot, the surveys the hospital does on the spot are initiated by the hospital and really don't cost anything. The ones mandated by Medicare are done by an outfit called Press Ganey and are mailed to patients after they leave the hospital. These cost the hospital several thousand dollars to administer and reimbursement levels depend on the overall score the hospital receives. It is all a racket to try and cheat the hospital out of more payment.