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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cashier Difficulties

What's the deal with some cashiers? Ever go into a convenience store and find that the cashier is just "too busy" to take care of you? Like you got your stuff sitting on the counter and they're busy talking on the cell phone or carrying on a conversation with the cashier in the next aisle. Someone is usually waiting in the other aisle also.

Ever go up to a cashier, ready to check out and find them counting the money in their cash drawer? They will make it a point to purposely not make eye contact with you. It's kinda like, "I'm gonna finish counting my money come hell or high water. I'm not looking at the bastard no matter what. He's stupid. He'll think I don't see him."

Sometimes the cashier has assistance from another customer. Yesterday the woman at the counter in front of me engaged the cashier in loads of nonsensical conversation about her family and the trials of life. No matter how many dirty looks I launched at either one of them, the boring conversation continued. You'd think the cashier could say, "Well, that's nice, but I must move along now. I have work to do." After a rather extended period of time they both ran out of wind.

Now it never fails, but in Walmart there can be like 8 lines. No matter which line you choose, it will be the slowest line. One day I was in line and had almost made it to the cashier. The woman in front of me wants to make a purchase, but she whips out a third party check from some bank in Alaska. Well now you just know that the cashier had an absolute meltdown. To make matters worse, the manager that was called over had a meltdown as well. Nobody knew what to do. Eventually, they took the woman over to the "customer service" area. Too bad for me they left all her junk on the cashier's stand. The aisle was going to be blocked until she was sent back from customer service. Fortunately, the aisle next to me miraculously opened and I managed to slip over there ahead of all the other pissed off people in my line.

The solution here was simple:
1. Don't bring a third party check from a bank in Alaska to Walmart.
2. If you're the Walmart cashier, say, "Sorry, we can't accept that."
Problem solved.

Oh don't you love it when people with 2 whole carts full of stuff roll up into the express lane (20 items or less)? I have yet to ever see one of the cashiers send anyone to the non-express lane. The same people will usually be illegally parked in the fire lane or a handicapped spot.

No doubt about it. If I were king, things would be a helluva lot different.


  1. Solution: Re-tard Scanners with klaxon horns at the doors.

  2. I ran into the exact problem today. I needed a few groceries, flood lights, just a few things in the bottom of the cart.

    I choose a line with 2 people in front of me, one on a Wal-Mart scooter with just a few items in the basket. The woman in front of her was checking out already. Sounds good huh?

    Wrong. The woman checking out was using some kind of cards/coupons/drafts/??? She had the wrong kind of bread, the cards wouldn't pay for that kind of bread. So she sends her husband all the way back to the bread section to get another kind of bread.

    We wait.



    Then hubby comes back with another kind of bread. WRONG kind of bread. So they decide to just chuck the bread. Then...

    The cashier can't get the cards/coupons/whatever to work. Try, try, try again. By this time the line behind me has increased by 5 people.

    Eventually they got things to work and I got out of there.

    Right Truth

  3. The correct answer is to send the offenders to the end of the line.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZkdcYlOn5M

  5. Yep, you are right Grouch, you seldom get good service anymore. The cell phone and other things have taken front row center in the lives of many at the expense of the customer at the counter and the drivers on the road who have to look out for the fools on their cell phones. Its no longer the drunk and the can of beer thats to be feared the most, but the new Drunk who's hign on texting and the sound of another on the other end of that magic box in his hand!

  6. Grouch,

    Being born and raised in SW Florida the lightning capital of the world, we often have power outtages. I was in a McDonalds one time and the kid behind the counter could not figure out how to give me my change because the register was out and it couldn't tell him what to give me!

    He actually had to bring a manager over to tell him the amount. Oh by the way the manager got it wrong and I had to correct her as well!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughter of Liberty Unite!!!

  7. Funny how no one seems to notice that at least 99% of the time the customer is the one being a douchebag...

  8. In addition, you get what you pay for. You want premium service? Go to fucking Macy's.