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Friday, January 15, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! January 15th! Probably just another day for those of you in the great unwashed masses of employeedom who don't think much about income taxes until you get your W2 form from your boss.

For people like me who are self employed, January 15 is the day when I send in my final estimated "contribution" to the almighty federal gubment. I took the sealed envelope to the post office today in person. I told the postal clerk, "Make sure you put January 15 on the postmark. If I send MY money late to the crooks in Warshington who waste and squander it, they get very upset with me."

He kinda gave me a blank stare and said, "Boy, you got that right."

But he doesn't really understand cause he's just waiting for his W2 from the post office. When your employer withholds taxes from your check it doesn't seem nearly as painful or piss you nearly as much. I have always thought this was a neat ruse invented by the gubment to keep people in the dark. I always thought it would be cool if everyone had to send in quarterly estimates and write big checks to the gubment at least 4 times a year. There would be a helluva lot more outrage over the crooks in Warshington than there is now. I dunno how many times I've heard some of the great unwashed say, "I'm waiting to get some money from the gubment back on my income tax."

So I wrote my check today for my quarterly contribution. You know, I think it was Bill Clinton that referred paying taxes as a "contribution". I always thought that a contribution was voluntary. If someone is holding a gun to your head, I think it's called armed robbery.

The criminal Harry Reid says paying taxes is voluntary:


I thought about the shady bribery schemes going on in congress. I thought about the multibillion dollar stimulus which has stimulated nothing but more debt.

Then I thought about the poor people in Haiti whose suffering can't be imagined. Then I thought how rich we are and how much we have. We could salvage and rebuild the entire country of Haiti for a tiny fraction of the money the idiots in congress piss away on a whim every day.

I sent a contribution to the Red Cross today on behalf of the Haiti relief effort. I actually felt pretty good about my contribution.

I did not feel at all good about my other contribution.


  1. Absolutely correct. It always drove me nuts that people use the US government as a savings account. They allow the government not only to take out money from each check for taxes, but the willing allow them to take out TOO MUCH, knowing that at the end of the year they would get a portion of that back, a lump sum they could rush out and spend.

    That's just crazy. The government gets to use their money, interest free, for over 12 months. The workers could save the money themselves, put it in the bank, make a little interest/profit.

    Right Truth

  2. I have been preaching against using withholding as a savings account for years! Even my sweet wife, who is a taxpayer professional, would rather OVERPAY, so as to get a rebate, than pay the bare minimum and bank the rest. I just don't get it. Pay in just enough to break even, use every deduction possible, put the rest in savings, 401k, whatever.

  3. Yeah, and the gubment won't pay you any interest when they keep your witholding. If YOU keep some of your money they think they are entitlet to then it's interest and penalties!

    And the hell of it is, IT'S ALL YOUR MONEY!