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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Global Warming Continues in the Southland!

It's a rarity in these parts but every now and then we develop ice on top of the water here. This usually requires several days with the high temperatures below freezing.

Tomorrow we are going to get snow and then it's really gonna get cold. I'll see if I can give you the same picture in a few days with the lake covered by snow.

I dunno bout yall, but I'm really sick and tired of all this damned global warming.


  1. Brrrrr.

    Cute picture of Penny in your header.

    Right Truth

  2. Heck, it even cold down here in southwest Mississippi and raining at the moment--might turn to freezing rain soon, and there goes the power if that happens. I could use some of that over due global warming!

  3. Ron, it looks like a snow event here so far and not much of it, just enough to make the ground white. I have my trusty new generator just in case though.