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Friday, January 22, 2010

I Hope He Fails! - Miserably!

Ya know, I'm really getting sick of Barack Obama. I tuned in to Fox News today and there he was, AGAIN, giving yet another prefabricated speech to a roomful of bug-eyed, mesmerized, sycophants.

Last January, Rush Limbaugh speaking of the president said, "I hope he fails."

Rush explained that the failure of Barack Obama and his policies would be a good thing for the country. It wasn't personal.

Well I'm fed up. I have watched this man for the last year ignore the will of the American people and do his damnedest to try and ruin everything that has made America great.

For me, it has become personal. I hope he fails. I want to see him fail miserably and go down in history as the worst president ever (even worse than Jimmah Carter). When it's all said and done I want all those that voted for him, especially black people who voted for him only because he is black, to hang their heads in shame.

Colin Powell, you can kiss my rosey white ass!

Imagine that! The first black president an utter failure!

This man is a disgrace. There is no excuse for his actions. He deserves to be humiliated.

Any questions?


  1. He is failing.

    What is so crazy is that he does not see the irony in the fact that he has given over 400 speeches and interviews on health care ... and his response to the election of Scott Brown is "he didn't explain it to the American people well enough" and he has to go out and give more speeches.

    Yes, he thinks the problem is we were too stupid to understand what his health care takeover would do, but the truth is we WERE smart enough to understand and stop it.

    Right Truth

  2. Grouch & Debbie,

    This idiot has awoken a bunch of sleeping giants and he is not smart enough to know it!

    The Marxist in Chief will go down in flames along with all of his idiot progressive followers and wanna be's.

    As for disliking him because he is black could not be further from the truth. I would hate him just as much if he was white or any other color. It is his Marxist views that really piss me off!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  3. L, it frosts me because of all the people like Colin Powell who voted for him just because of his blackness, not because of any qualifications.

    I want all of these people to end up feeling extremely embarrassed because of their stupid decision. Ah yes! The first black president is an idiot.

    If he were as white as the driven snow I would still hate him because of what he is trying to do to this great country.