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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Returning My Membership Card

Well I got my nice new 2010 RNC membership card today. We all know it's not worth the plastic it's printed on. I probably can't even sneak into a White House dinner with it, but it did give me a nice opportunity to blast the RNC.

I mailed it back to them with all their forms begging for money and the following reply:

I am returning this membership card to you. I have no desire to belong or contribute to the RNC. You do not represent my values as you continue to support, RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) and a variety of independents who only desire to “work with Democrats” and “cross the aisle” in the name of “getting things done for the American people”.

I am officially a CONSERVATIVE INDEPENDENT and I only plan to contribute to individual candidates who exhibit conservative values. These include:

1.Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
2.Personal and individual freedom.
3.Small government.
4.Low taxes.
5.Right to life.
6.Energy independence (drilling for our own damned oil).
7.Treating terrorists as enemy combatants, not criminals in our justice system.
8.Identifying the enemy, ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!
9.Disposing of the notion of cap and trade legislation.
10.Getting government out of health care entirely.
11.Calling global warming exactly what it is: a HOAX!
12.Private property rights.

Please take me off your mailing list. When you assume the following position:

“Conservative candidates only. RINO’s and moderates need not apply.”
then and only then will I consider contributing to the RNC again.

Thomas Hamilton M.D.


  1. Love your "About Me", wanted to add your sweet face!

  2. Nice return letter to the RNC. I agree completely. I've told them over and over in the mail, email, and on the phone.

    Right Truth

  3. Thanks Boomerdiva. I am a handsome devil.

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