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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Must Really Suck

Some things just make me wanna laugh out loud, (LOL for all you texting freaks). I read that Newsday, a New York and Long Island newspaper had put up a pay wall on its website. They are supposedly the first non-bidness newspaper to do so. Well they erected the pay wall back in October.

Wanna guess how many subscribers total they have amassed since October?

Oh come on, guess...............

Total.......35! They have grossed about $9000 for their efforts.

I have never read Newsday. I do know that Ellis Henican writes for the rag. Henican is yet another left wing nut. I'd be willing to bet Newsday is probably just another left wing propaganda sheet.....just my guess.

Go HERE to read about Newsday's misfortunes.

I always smile to hear that those on the left have misfortune!


  1. I saw that on Drudge and just smiled.

    Right Truth

  2. Your title says it all!

    Lock & Load!!!