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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Loud and Vulgar does not Necessarily mean FUNNY!

Anybody here know who Kathy Griffin is? Well, supposedly she is a comedian. I saw her on Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago. Sweet Wifey and I struggled through Jay's interview with her. Finally sweet wifey said, "I don't like her. She's just not very funny."

Sweet wifey was right. She is not funny. Basically she is loud and obnoxious. You know, a lot of comics are that way now days. Many of them are not funny but they seem able to spout out vulgarities with regularity and get louder and louder as they do it. Perhaps they realize they are not funny and turn up the profanity and the volume to cover for their inadequacies. Poor Kathy's face also looked like a rubber mask stretched over a watermelon. I have read she has had many plastic surgeries. She should ask her surgeon for a refund.

I read today that she had ushered in the new year two years in a row now by uttering vulgarities on CNN. I guess the good news is that since she was on CNN, only 5 or 6 people around the country heard her make those utterances.

I'm not a prude. I like good stand up comedy and I don't mind if the comic throws out a cuss word or two in the mix, but the comic needs to be basically FUNNY. When they are just loud and obnoxious......AND UGLY.......I lose interest quickly.

This whole thing made me appreciate people like Jeff Foxworthy. Jeff is a funny guy. In fact he's one of those people who will make you smile just by his appearance. He is a Christian and does missionary work. His comedy is not tainted with vulgarity. It doesn't have to be. Way to go, Jeff.

I also thought about Sinbad, (David Adkins). He's another funny guy that doesn't have to resort to profanity to be funny. I remember during an interview he said that once, early in his career, he added some profanity to his act to try and be more funny. Later on he lamented that he felt embarrassed and uncomfortable for doing this and never did it again.

And then there is the uproarious Bill Cosby. This is another guy whose mere appearance brings on the laugh. And what a role model he has become to the children of his race everywhere. Cosby has got what it takes.

I cannot close without remembering "America's Clown" the "Clown Master", the late great Red Skelton. I grew up as a young child with Red. Of course with him there was never a worry about anything ugly or vulgar. He made children and adults laugh equally. I guess the best thing about Red Skelton was that he loved God and America.........something it seems we see and hear less and less of today. If you've never read his "pledge or allegience" go HERE to read it. God bless you Red.


  1. Excellent! I never cared for Kathy Griffith, she was never funny. Then she had plastic surgery and tried to create a comedy show around the failed surgery. She was NEVER funny.

    If a comedian must resort to profanity to try and be funny, then it's a very sad situation.

    There are many comedians that are very funny and they keep it clean.

    God has a sense of humor, I truly believe that. He would be very disappointed in many folks today.

    On a personal note, I find it very disturbing that people cannot express themselves without using profanity. There are so many words in the English language that a person can use without using vulgar language.

    When someone starts using that kind of language to me, I tune them out. I think less of them. But that's just me.

    Right Truth

  2. Vulgarity has invaded our lives at every turn and one simply cannot get away from it. Many of the old comics such as Red never used it, but now it expected by most and has become the mainstay for most. Just a sign of the times!

  3. You're right, Honey Pot. I never cared for loud, foul mouthed wimmin. I prefer sweet soft spoken ones.........that's why I hooked up widjew.

    Correct Ron, it's a sign of the times. Kids today hear this crap and think it is the norm. Then we marvel that they idolize rappers and their ilk.

  4. I have to agree with you Grouch 100% on this. She is not funny at all.

    You forgot one funny man: Jackie Gleason. I loved his show on Sat. nights (I think it was Sat).

    Then there was Milton Burle, and George Burns.

    I could spend hours dropping names.

  5. No doubt about it, Findalis, Jackie Gleason, Uncle Miltie, and George Burns were classics!