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Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Smiles from Lost Creek

Even on the frozen wasteland known as Lost Creek, there was something to smile about this morning. Poor Penny did not quite know what to make of all the ice on the ground. Sweet Wifey said she did not think she pooped at all yesterday cause she couldn't sniff out the appropriate spot.

Anyway, I took Penny out this morning to do her bidness and waited for her at the gate. Well, yall know we live on a hill. She kinda scooted across the ice to a good bidness spot. Unfortunately for her she had her butt end point up the hill when she got ready to let it fly.

Well as each dingle berry struck the ground they would roll down the hill toward her front paws. She jumped a couple of times as if she had been shot. It wasn't fair. I guess she thought something was after her while she was trying to poop. I was standing there in the freezing fog have a good belly laugh.

Life is good at Lost Creek.

1 comment:

  1. Yes she is cute no matter what she is doing. I think she held it as long as she could.

    Right Truth