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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tennessee Polar Bear Refuge

Ahhhh! This is just great! 90 percent chance of snow Thursdee and HIGH's of 18 on Fridee and Saredee! Geez! I always thought I lived in the southland.

Oh well, the polar bears got nothing to worry about. When their ice packs all melt in the arctic (weren't they supposed to already be all melted by now?) the polar bears can just shack up with us here in Tennessee!

How's that manmade global warming, hope and change,. free healthcare, stimulus package, job growth, isolated underwear airplane bomber working out for ya?


  1. Don't need them stop in Tennessee, it's freezing down here in Florida... They look a little pasty, probably could use a tan...

  2. At a glance I thought you said insulated underwear! I guess they couldn't get much warmer! Cold day down her in south Mississippi also, but not as bad as yours. Great day for duck hunting!

  3. Brrrrr. Oh Ron, hunting in this weather? Too cold for me, I hate cold weather.

    Right Truth

  4. Yeah, I'm glad I'm not into hunting. I'm a warm weather fisherman.