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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Ultimate Warrior

Yeah, I know all you non football people get tired of all this but, hey, GET OVER IT!

Down here in the southland we got a lotta Dallas Cowboy fans. At band practice last night a lot of them were boasting about what a royal butt whipping the Cowboys were gonna give the Vikings. I just shook my head. "You guys are in for a big disappointment. The Cowboys are going up against the ultimate warrior. If Favre is on fire, the Cowboys are going down in flames. Besides that, the Vikings have won eight in a row at home."

I have never seen anyone who enjoys the game more than Brett Favre. I have seen him in the worst of times. He'll throw interceptions, and then turn around and throw another one, but that's Favre. He is a fighter. He doesn't like to play it safe. He takes chances. He rolls the dice. He forces passes into double coverage, relying on his strong arm to get the job done. When he's on fire, he is great, perhaps the greatest of all time. He's 40 years old, and sometimes he looks like a rookie fresh out of college.

Vikings 34, Cowboys 3........go figure.....

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