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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Convenience Store Tale

While I am waxing eloquently about visits to convenience stores and cashier encounters, I might as well relate this story too.

A while back I was driving down interstate 40, headed home. The old green truck needed a fill so I whipped into a convenience store at the next exit.

To my chagrin, there was not an automatic credit card reader on the pumps. I'd much rather deal with a machine than a human when purchasing gasoline, but that's the way it goes.

I worked up quite a thirst filling the tank on my old green truck so when I went in to pay, I presented my trusty Bass Pro Shop credit card along with a big slam diet Mountain Dew I had gotten out of the fridge. I use my Bass Pro Shop Visa for everything. That way I get my Bass Pro Shop points and I always pay off the card at the end of the month. I never carry a balance. I can't remember when I've ordered something from Bass Pro Shop and actually had to pay cash money for it. I usually have several hundred dollars worth of points stored up.

Anyway I handed the Visa to the cashier, who appeared to be about 20 years old and pregnant way out into the middle of next week. I said, "I want to pay for my gas and this Mountain Dew both on my Visa."

Immediately a blank stare came over the face of the pregnant cashier girl. She just stood there for a few moments, dumbfounded. Finally she summoned over an older woman for sage advice.

I heard the older woman muttering to the young girl, "Dear, you have to ADD the amount of the Mountain Dew to the amount for gas and then swipe the credit card."

I put my card back in my wallet and headed for my old green truck, just shaking my head.

"Boy oh boy, that girl's kid does not have a chance!" I thought.

Anyway, the Mountain Dew was oh so delicious!

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