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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barry the Hypocrit

I just saw the most amusing video on Breitbart. The president again insults Las Vegas and implies it is wrong to go there and spend money you don't have. At the same time, his Dimocrat congress raisies the debt ceiling another 1.8 trillion! The mayor of Las Vegas was not happy.

Man oh man! What a liar and hypocrit we have for an Idiot in Chief!


  1. Harry Reid ripped Obama a new one too.

    Right Truth

  2. Obama is just a jerk! I bet Harry did rip him a new one. Harry is in the fight of his life and will go under in November, Ha! Ha! Ha! "Make my day Dirty Harry"!

  3. Indeed, Obama is a jerk. People on both sides think so.