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Monday, February 8, 2010

Congrats Saints

Well, it was one of the better Super Bowls I remember seeing. I really didn't have a dog in the fight but I was happy to see New Orleans pull it off. It was their moment to shine. They had never won anything before and suddenly they are on top.
Already I am hearing grumbling and criticism over Peyton Manning's interception at the end of the game which sealed the loss for Indy. It was much the same way 2 weeks ago when Brett Favre threw an interception to send the Saints to the Super Bowl. Hey great quarterbacks are from time to time going to have to take chances, and even the best are going to throw interceptions. Life without risk results in mediocrity. 

Let them get together again next week and do it all over again and the result might be different, They are two great teams. Unfortunately there can only be one winner.

By the way, I thought the Who rocked (even though only half of them remain). I was waiting for Pete Townshend to dislocate his right shoulder, ha ha. "Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss! We don't get fooled again!"
 NO! NO!


  1. I'm not a big pro ball fan, but having lived in and close to New Orleans for many years I'm glad the Saints won. Wish I could have been the the French Quarter last night!

  2. Ron, you just gotta be happy for the folks in New Orleans. I guess it's been a while since they have had anything to cheer about.

    I remember back when Archie Manning was the Saints QB, and I remember watching him get his brains beaten out week after week. I always thought that it would have been great if Archie could have played on a great team at least once.

    I betcha Archie had a lot of mixed emotions last night.

  3. This was the MOST watched Super Bowl of all. Also the highest rated show.

    Right Truth

  4. Yeah, being a Bengals fan living in Indiana, I was rooting for the Colts. But if any team (other than the Bengals, of course) had to beat the Colts, I am glad it was the Saints. What a ballsy call by the other PAyton (Sean) of that offside kick to open up the 3rd quarter! Never in the history of the SB had that been done, other than in the 4th. I honestly think the Colts got discombobulated at that moment. And did you notice how PEyton was just sitting on the sidelines toward the end? I NEVER see him do that...he is always studing plays and going over stuff. THAT was weird for me...And yes, Archie Manning certainly was torn, I am sure...
    Yeah, Debbie, I heard the last episode of MASH finally was beaten last night. Wow.... And the Who was rocking! Unlike Springsteen last year, who sounded great but when he slid on his knees, the camera showed him STRUGGLING to get up. That was sad to me. Oh well, better luck next year for the Bengals and the Titans, huh? Let the Saints bask in their earned glory. I am waiting for draft day.. Who DEY!!!! We did not steal that from Naw Orlans...There used to be a fine beer brewery in Cincy that made Hudepohl Beer which we all fondly called "Hudy" which morphed into Who Dey. Or at least that is MY take on it...Hey lots more snow coming tonight and tomorrow. Wow...Both of you stay safe and warm down there!