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Sunday, February 21, 2010

CPAC Straw Poll Elects Ron Paul

Well, the CPAC straw poll elected Ron Paul as the next presidential favorite. Now I read on Right Truth and heard the pundits say the poll is meaningless. Evidently Ron Paul appeals to many young conservatives and evidently there was an overabundance of them at the CPAC convention.

I'm kinda iffy about Ron Paul. I actually agree with about 95 percent of his positions. He is a conservative libertarian.....that's me! He is a constitutionalist and vows not to vote for legislation unless supported by the Constitution......that's me!  He supports Constitutional rights, the right to keep and bear arms, he's pro life.....all that is me! He hates big gubment and gubment spending......me again!

My problem with him involves the military. I view him as an isolationist. Although isolationism seems like a cozy idea, I don't think we can be that way in today's world. I get the impression from listening to him that he would pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring them all home. Regardless of your position on the wars, the fact of the matter is.....WE ARE THERE......and we need to finish the job, although, the way Barack Obama has chosen to prosecute the wars makes me think we probably should bring the troops home. Unfortunately we have allies in the world that are depending on us to do the right thing.......yeah I know......some of them are pretty sorry excuses for allies. Anyway, loyalty is a virture and we can't abandon our so called friends.

I'm really trying to like Ron Paul. I'm not saying he'll be the next Republican nominee, but hey, anythings possible. Can somebody help me?

P.S. He's also a doctor......me too!


  1. Grouch,

    Two points:

    1) What would "finishing the job" look like in Iraq and Afghanistan? We've been in Afghanistan for 8 years and Iraq 7. The goals there don't seem defined.

    2) Notice that the national debt has begun a parabolic increase? We are close to a dollar crisis -- as in a year or two, but not much more, and perhaps less.

    How will we fund our military once China stops buying our debt? And if our current deployments around the world are financially unsustainable, wouldn't it make sense to begin and orderly drawdown of our worldwide military presence instead of being forced to make a rapid, unplanned one a short time from now?


  2. Drew J

    I cannot necessarily disagree with your arguments. One reason we have been in Iraq and Afghanistan so long I think is because of the way the wars have been conducted. If it had been up to me, Iraq would have been done in 6 months. There would be no rules of engagement. There would be no concern over world opinion. A single American life should not be unnecessarily put at risk for the sake of 1000, 10000, or even 100000 Iraqis or Afghans.....sorry, but if you're gonna fight a war, you need to go, get it done, and get out, even if it means turning the place to glass. No worries over negotiating with some mullah or some cleric......just kill the people that are a threat and go. If you're not gonna fight a war totally and brutally, you don't need to go to war at all.

    Now in Afghanistan, our marines can't shoot a terrorist if they put their guns down. What kind of way is that to fight a war?

    So here we are, many years into wars that should have been finished after 6 months. Vietnam could have been won in a couple of weeks......we lost that war.

    I am frustrated, but it is what it is. I still maintain we can't be isolationist. We will always be a player on the world stage.

    It would be a lot easier if we could drill for our own damned oil and tell the Arabs to suck a big one, but that's another story.


  3. Oh, one more thing, Drew J.

    The national debt is in parabolic increase not because of any wars.....rather because of George Bush's TARP and Medicare prescription drugs, and Barry Obama's stimulus for starters, if Barry gets healthcare and crap and trade it will spiral out of control even more.....but you're right.....still gotta pay for the wars nevertheless.