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Monday, February 8, 2010

King, N.C. has some Splainin' to do

Okay, I just read that in King, N.C. they had lifted a ban on the purchase of firearms and ammunition as well as a prohibition from carrying a weapon or ammunition off your own premises. They also lifted a curfew and alcohol restrictions. These were evidently instituted due to a state of emergency caused by severe weather.

Well, I guess the idiot politicians in King, N.C. thought that because of the severe weather, that law abiding citizens would just absolutely go nuts, buy up tons of weapons, and go on a shooting rampage. Of course we all know that the criminals in King will abide by the ruling and leave their guns at home as well.

Once again the 2nd amendment is trampled by idiot politicians who are in fact endangering the well being of the general public. As far as I am concerned the politicians of King, N.C. should be held to account and have some splainin' to do!


  1. My wife and I went out and interviewed many of the citizens in King and made this video. We live about 5 minutes down the road. Thanks for blogging this!!



    ~Cliff Muncy
    Tobaccoville, NC

  2. Cliff, I am glad I could help. I put up your video in a followup post!


  3. I read about this earlier today, just never got around to posting about it. Crazy politicians. They will use anything, even a storm, to by-pass our constitutional rights.

    Right Truth