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Monday, February 8, 2010

King, N.C. has some Splainin' to do - FOLLOWUP

A fellow named Cliff Muncy sent me this video. Apparently a lot of the fine folks of King found the infringement of their constitutional rights outrageous as well.

What if the mayor of King had put up a sign stating: "You are not permitted to talk about this state of emergency or report these events to the press."? No doubt there would have been outrage at infringement of FIRST amendment rights. Why is this mayor not at all concerned about SECOND amendment rights? If it were not for the second amendment, we probably would not have the first amendment. When are these stupid politicians gonna get their heads out of their asses and start respecting the Constitution? If I were a citizen of King, I believe I'd kick that mayor to the curb come next election......or even better, have a recall!

Thanks Cliff.


  1. Sound like the mayor has over stepped his constitutional authority---what a jerk! There should always be a price to be paid for stupidity!

  2. Seems as if they always conveniently forget about the Constitution when it comes to guns.