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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, sweet Wifey, got me a gift certificate for Valentines Day from Zzounds, an online music store. I found an item I wanted, a portable digital recorder. Their price $199.00.
Then I found the same thing at Musician's Friend for $179.00. Hmmmmm, suddenly the link to this product on Musician's Friend is dead.

Anyway, the first thing that jumps out at you at Zzounds is: " We will beat any price. PERIOD!"

Well, Zzounds fooled around and fooled around and hemmed and hawed and finally came back and said that Musician Friend price was a clearance item and the best they could do was $197.00. I then asked to speak to a manager who basically told me the same thing. He directed me to several point and click locations under their FAQ which he said would explain their policy to my satisfaction. I told him, "Look man, do really think someone is going to take the times to click through all those links when the first thing that pops out is "We will beat any price. PERIOD!""

I then asked him if he was willing to have no more of my business, EVER, over this issue and he repeated several times, "There is nothing I can do."

I then explained to him that Zzounds was a bunch of liars and they needed to take their false advertising claim off of their website. I also explained to him that I would get on my blog and trash Zzounds from here to California and that I would encourage ALL my musician friends to never order anything from Zzounds.

He said, "You would do this over $20.00?"

I said, "You're damned right I would! I am a tenacious sonofabitch! You would lose my business FOREVER over $20.00?"

"Uh, there's nothing I can do."

I hung up. No doubt a pimply faced teenager.

Well, to my chagrin, I still have to use up my Zzounds gift certificate.

Well, I have already excommunicated Musician's Friend. Now I have excommunicated Zzounds. I am slowly but surely running out of places from which to order musical stuff.

Boy I hate liars worse than anything!


  1. So, did you order it from Musician's Friend?

    Funny about the $20.00 comment, they were willing to lose a good customer like you over that amount.

    Right Truth

  2. No, I ordered a different item from Zzounds just to use up the certificate, but that's it. No more Zzounds for me. I hate a liar worse than anything.

  3. That is the problem with businesses these days. They are so sure they are right all the time,they will willingly lose a good paying customer and their good reputation, instead of doing the right thing.

  4. Do not order anything........ beofe you speak to me!@


  5. The word "Sale" is a traffic-creator, so is "Free". Also, 50% - 60% -70% Off! The first liar doesn't have a chance!

    I ran a small retail furniture store for 15 years, and fought the big, chain department store's come-on advertisements all the time.

    We never had a Sale in 15 years, stocked top-of-the-line merchandise, delivered after closing - sofas, recliners, real hardwood bedroom sets, and coil-on-coil mattresses, and slowly developed a good reputation. People learned to trusted Tri-City Furniture Mart, in Yucca Valley.

    I hung a hand-made sign near the front door...
    "Quality, The Only Virtue That Assures A Bargain"

    Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware! - reb

  6. Findalis, as I stated in my post about Pimply Faced Teenagers, I was taught by my first boss that the customer was always right and was taught to think outside the box to make sure the customer was pleased. Problem today is that kids are programmed, and like Cylons, will not deviate from that programming. They can't think outside the box.

    Michael Travis, I have your nummer. I'll call you tomorrow after I get off work and hopefully get over my laryngitis.

    Snake Hunter, I love dealing with people who know what they are doing and people that act like they care. Such things are very important.

  7. By the way, I got a message from some big wig at Musician's Friend. Apparently he had read about some of my escapades on the blog. He gave me a 1-800 nummer to call, stated Musician's Friend wanted my bidness back etc.

    I'll call him tomorrow if my laryngitis is better.

  8. Boy, what a GROUCH!
    Actually, I don't blame you a bit!
    I have spent my life in the customer service business in one form or the other. Nowadays, we are treated in businesses just like we are by the gubment, like CATTLE!
    Here, take this, it's all you're gonna get! Take it or leave it!
    OK, I'll just leave it!

  9. Right, Lizzard,

    BTW your blog is a disgrace. I keep going over there and all I see is a story about a mentally deranged Monkee.