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Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Orca is an Orca is an Orca

I been sitting here reading online about the death of a Seaworld trainer who was grabbed, pulled under the water, and drowned by a 12000 pound killer whale. Tragic yes, but shocking, no, at least not to me. After all, they are called KILLER WHALES and in the wild, they are predators. It is their nature to kill. I think with these animals we sometimes get lulled into a false sense of security and come to view tham as lovable and cuddly. These whales however spend their lives in the wild feasting mainly on seals and even other whales. Based on what I have read, there has never been a documented fatal attack on humans by killer whales in the wild (perhaps we don't taste that good to them). The only fatalities have occurred with creatures in captivity. Interesting, but this should raise severe red flags when dealing with these magnificent and intelligent creatures.

Wild animals are just that, wild animals. Reminds me when Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was mauled by a tiger. These guys were supposed to be experts. Let's not forget Steve Irwin who was killed by a stingray. Steve was supposed to be an expert too.

You just gotta be careful out there folks.


  1. The whales as you say are killers and far too large to be kept in these small tanks for the amusement of a few people. Turn them loose if possible and if not keep people away from them and give them some peace and plenty of raw meat--not the human kind.

  2. I dunno if they could survive in the wild after a life of captivity. Not an Orca expert.

  3. Reports said the whale grabbed her pony tale.

    Right Truth