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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reforming Congress in One Easy Step

Every now and then, I still have flashes of brilliance that I feel compelled to share with each and every one of you. Congress and the President have been up in the air for the last year bellyaching about how we need to reform healthcare.

Well instead of that I think we ought to reform congress. It would be really easy to do.

First of all we need to extend the August recess to say about December 15. In addition to this we need to have a spring break running from say January 15 until perhaps July 15.

I have no problem paying them to stay home. After all we pay farmers NOT to grow food. What's the damned difference?

Now I'm sure some of you more serious minded, perhaps leftist/socialist/communist readers are out there shaking your heads saying, "Well congress would never get anything done!"


What happens anytime Republicans and Dimocrats get together, cross the aisle, and work together to solve problems and get things done for the American people?

Well, we end up with some stupid new laws, some stupid new onerous regulations, more and more infringement on our freedoms, more taxes and more spending of money we do not have to fund programs which will not work.

Think about it. When was the last time that congress passed a law that really helped you and made your life better? About the only things I can think of are the Bush tax cuts and the laws that increased my contribution to my IRA's and allowed me to create a self employed 401K. Other than that…………I really can't think of much of anything.

I have always thought that America was better off when congress was either in recess or gridlock………let's take that notion and run with it! What say you?


  1. You've got it completely right Grouch. I've always thought the fewer laws passed the better off we all are. When you stop to think about it every law that is passed is always good for one group and bad for another. Additionally the laws that are passed as those who have the strongest lobby, those who have the ear of Congress---the masses will always suffer and see themselves losing freedoms, while the special few will benefit from laws passed. Like you say--just keep the bastards out of the capital and we will all be better off!!!

  2. Good idea, but you know it will never get anywhere. You think those politicians would stay away from the cameras and microphones in Congress? Nope, they love to hear themselves talk and be seen bloviating too much.

    Right Truth

  3. Ron and Love Muffin,

    I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about all the non-essential gubment employees that were told to stay home during the Warshington Blizzard.

    Well..........the world did not come to an end.

    I say tell them to stay home, PERMANENTLY!