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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts on Glenn Beck

Well I watched the first half of Glenn's CPAC speech yesterday and the last half today. I had to go to band practice with the Morbid Strangers you know. Glenn gets a little dramatic at times and the left sure does like to make fun of him, but I found his speech rather inspirational and at the same time it left me with a lump in my throat. The thing I really like about Glenn is that he is completely fair and balanced in that he blasts Republicans and Dimocrats equally and viciously. I had the lump in my throat because he reminded me again what a mess this country is in all because of our self centered, inept politicians in Warshington. I almost cheered when he suggested that they all need to apologize to the American people and admit they are wrong. I'd like to see that followed by mass resignations.

He praised the accomplishments of the individual and reminded us that it is the individual that has made America great, not gubment, not a bunch of stupid politicians........the individual.

The whole thing is on the Common Cents blog. If you didn't see it you ought to take the time and go watch. It's always nice to listen to someone who is right for a change, and not afraid to say it.


  1. I thought Beck did a great job. He sometimes gets emotional, cries, goes a little over the top for some viewers. But that is what the Left loves to jump on, calling him a fanatic.

    He teaches on his program, he teaches history, economics, the Constitution, things people should have learned in school.

    Right Truth

  2. Do you suppose Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me DEATH!" in cool, calm, well moderated tones? The king of England didn't like it just as the MSM doesn't like what Beck has to say.

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  4. Honey Pot, yes I like Glenn's instructive manner.

    DW, I agree.

  5. We are all different, like thumb-prints. Glenn Beck is unique in many ways; the MalStreamMedia loves to hate his guts; those whiney cowards!

    But like the lady says, he's a fine teacher, and he fearlessly exposes the A.C.O.R.N. Swindlers, and the "Progressive Billionaires" like George Soros, Penny Pritzger, David Geffen, and Peter Lewis, Insurance Mogul, and the Union Bosses like Andrew Stern's S.E.I.U., then Glenn makes faces at the Tv Lens...Whatta clown!

    Fear not, stout heart; "We the People" are gonna get those rascals come November 2nd, 2010! - reb