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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zzounds, a Day Late and 21 Dollars Short

Well I got an email from the "president" of Zzounds. He was oh so sorry for all the trouble I had while trying to place my last order. He said that if I had ordered the Yamaha recorder that he would credit my credit card in the amount of $21.00 just to make things right. Sadly, I told him I had already ordered another item. I also told him I had instructed sweet Wifey not to order any more gift certificates from them.

I suggested again that he change their website to reflect their TRUE policy of matching the best price. I also told him that I was way too old to waste my valuable time arguing with a bunch of kids over doing the right thing.

Well, I was told by the first pimply faced kid at Zzounds that there was nothing he could do. Then I was told by the "supervisor", also a pimply faced kid that there was nothing he could do. When I axed to speak to his boss, he told me there was nobody higher up I could talk to............then the next day, I get an email from the "president"???? Why didn't the pimply faced supervisor just put the president on the phone in the first place?

I also told the "president" that he needed to tell his employees to never utter the phrase, "There's nothing I can do."

You Always Have Other Options! YAHOO!


I don't expect I'll hear anything else from Zzounds. I did speak to a blogger friend of sweet Wifey's who is some kind of professional musician/recording engineer. He said Zzounds was the worst out there. Nothing but a bunch of crooks. I believe it.

I had spent thousands of dollars at Zzounds. Hard to believe they would piss all that away over 20 bux.....sigh.......that's what happens when you trust your future to mind numbed pimply faced kids.


  1. The President, that's pretty good. If nothing else, hopefully they learned a lesson out of this.

    Right Truth

  2. What an amazing story of how awful a person you are.