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Friday, March 26, 2010

Helicopter Crash Update

If any of you are interested, go here to read the bios of our friends lost in the tragic helicopter crash yesterday morning. These folks were right here in this very spot where I'm sitting, less than 24 hours ago, walking, talking, and helping us stabilize a patient and save a life. Now they are gone forever, in an instant. They had lives, friends, families,and loved ones, who right now cannot understand the loss they feel. They took risks every day so others might live. In my opinion, they are heroes. Please go read about them.


  1. Our prayers go out to the family and friends of the fallen. Sad news.

  2. I heard about the crash on radio news in the car. I wondered if you knew any of the people involved. Terrible thing to happen to such fine people, who lived their lives helping save others.

    Life is indeed short and we do not know from one moment to another what will happen.

    Right Truth

  3. I have always said that it is a crying shame when people are killed while in the service of others.

    Pray for them and pray for our president, Psalms 109:verse 8

  4. I had heard about this and had no idea they worked with you down there. I am so sorry...Yes, in my opinion, anybody in the healthcare field are heroes! Praying for their families...

  5. Thanks one and all for the prayers and comments.

  6. Grouch,

    Let me add my prayers for you and the families of the brave souls that were lost doing what I am sure they loved, helping others.