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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seal of Approval

Our old pal Fidel Castro has praised our other old pal, Barry Obama (just two peas in a pod aren't they?) for passing Obamacare. Well of course Fidel is happy. Barry and the Dimocrat congress have succeeded in shoving our once great nation far down the path to communism in spite of the outrage of the vast majority of the populace against it. Barry should be pleased, receiving such adoration and praise. Ahhhhhh, but there's trouble in the People's Republic of Obama!

Coffin Placed in Front of Carnahan's House.
Clyburn: Healthcare Opponents Aiding Terrorism.
White Powder Package sent to Congressman Weiner's Office
Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama may be the Antichrist

OMG the Dems are whining and squalling over the outrage directed at them, but really, what did they expect? Americans do not want a communist nation.  I am wondering if this is truly the beginning of another civil war? Perhaps a real war with shooting and everything? I dunno about Obama being the antichrist but I do think he is a natural born Kenyan and probably a Muslim. I've thought that all along. I have my gun, locked and loaded, for whatever trouble may come my way. It's getting serious out there.

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