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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Close Call at Lost Creek

Well we had some rough weather and a fairly close call here at Lost Creek yesterday. An apparent tornado went through the north part of the county, about 8 or 9 miles north of here, and did some extensive property damage. As far as we know, nobody was hurt or killed but there were some people cut off and trapped for a period of time mainly due to fallen trees.

Things were actually pretty calm here during all this and I wasn't excited when the tornado warning was issued because I had been watching the supercell on radar for some time. I could see it was going to pass to the north. I could easily see the cloud rotating on the radial wind velocity screen so I was afraid somebody was going to get slammed pretty bad.

Anyway we have nice weather today, everyone is cleaning up, and all is well at Lost Creek.

Go HERE and HERE and HERE to read all about it.


  1. You're lucky. You could have been like some of those residents who had to evacuate to the DEERFIELD! heh

    Right Truth

  2. Well I'm glad ye survived. I was beginning to wonder over here in Teapot Town for a bit. Wind, rain, more wind, whew!
    Anyhow, we fared better than some of my friends in Yazoo City.

  3. Yeah, I'm glad you didn't send me to the Deerfield yestidee, sweetie.

    Yeah, Lizzard, Mississippi took a pretty bad hit.