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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fascism or Nannyism...What's it Gonna Be?

Buttered popcorn, Yum! Yum! I was reading with interest about a politician in Israel who was upset about the price of popcorn in movie theaters. Carmet Shama stated, "We have to put an end to this. The public should not have to mortgage their houses for a soft drink and a snack."

Of course the movie theaters were protesting, saying they would go out of bidness if forced to reduce popcorn prices, stating that they make no money on ticket sales alone.

Shama said he had support from both gubment and opposition lawmakers for the move. Of course you can bet your ass that Mr. Shama has never run a bidness or tried to make a profit and has no idea of what unintended consequences might arise from such a law.

 I have to say that Mr. Shama and his friends in Israeli parliament are fascists. In a fascist state, the bidnesses are privately owned, but the operation of those bidnesses is dictated by the state......you know, kinda like General Motors, Chrysler, U.S. Banks, health insurance companies, doctors and hospitals paid by Medicare.......

I had to smile though. In the U.S. we would (and have had) have the opposite reaction to theater popcorn. Some nanny state liberal would (and has) declared that popcorn is bad for us and rather than force the theater to reduce the price, would put a tax on it or ban it altogether......for our own good you understand........we're too stupid to decide for ourselves.

There is no doubt that theater popcorn is way overpriced. When sweet wifey and I go to the movies, we don't buy it (too many carbs and too many calories for us), but it sure smells good! When we take grandson Nicholas with us he always has to get a bag of it. He enjoys it and we enjoy watching him have a good time. You can't put a price on joy, but if I wanna buy the popcorn at the overinflated price, that's my bidness......not the gubment's. If the theater can get away with selling it for the price of a diamond ring, then so be it, let the free market rule.

So you can move to Israel and have a fascist approach to theater popcorn.....it may not be a choice since the theaters may go belly up or you can stay in the good old U.S of A. where the nannies will take it upon themselves to manage every aspect of your life.

Why can't the gubment just leave us alone?


  1. It is true that the theaters don't make a lot on ticket sales and depend on concessions profits. When I worked for the law firm in Memphis, Mr. Armstrong represented the movie industry in the area of which theater gets which movies and gets them first. The theaters pay a big price for the privilege of getting the film, with no guarantee on what their returns will be.


  2. Trixie is right. I used to hab a friend who managed a theater. The theaters barely break eben on the ticket prices. My buddy swore he ONLY made money on concessions, and I bleeved him.
    So THERE, ye fasciest bastads.

  3. I believe yer buddy lizzard. We need to get away from this notion that making money is bad. The left would have us believe that everything is a zero sum game. When one makes money, another loses. It is not that way.