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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grouch for Mayor

One of the young nurses this morning told me that her father said I should run for county mayor. There are a whole buncha candidates running and they are all saying pretty much the same generic stuff. I really trust none of them.

I told the young nurse that I wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of getting elected and then I explained my platform:

1. I will vote for no law that contradicts the Constitution.

2. I will under no circumstances impose any new taxes or raise your taxes and will make every effort to cut the taxes you have now.

3. One of my first duties would be to go to the courthouse and visit with all the non-essential employees who spend lots of time looking out the windows and tell them to pack their belongings and go find a real job. The courthouse shuts down here every Wednesday and everyone has the day off. The county is no worse for the wear. I'd keep the courthouse closed Monday through Thursday and have them work only on Friday, with according pay adjustments.

4. I would tell people. "Don't come to me for anything. I promise you nothing except a gubment that will get out of your way. You need to stop depending on gubment to do stuff for you and plan on making things happen for yourself."

See? Not a snowball's chance!


  1. I didn't know the courthouse closed on Wednesday. That must mean the courts are closed also?

    You would never get elected, you tell the truth.


  2. I know the clerk's office and the trustee offices are closed. There may be some other things open but the place is pretty much dead. I know because I went there once on a Wensdee to get car tags and the place was deserted. Why not have it closed 3 days per week? Just have enough people there to hold court and nothing else.

    Works for me.

  3. You are right! You could count your votes on one hand. Too many expect too much from government and that's the sad reality!

  4. Ron, about the only thing I'd be running for would be city limits as soon as they figured me out.