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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I just read on Drudge where Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.

You know, I really hate Hillary Clinton. I can't stand the sight of her or the sound of her shrieking or even the thought of her, but I'll have to be honest, she would have made a hell of a lot better president than Barry Obama has turned out to be. I think most of those that voted for the historic first black president, the messiah, the one, have finally come to realize that.

I have no doubt that Hillary is a self serving liberal bitch but on the other hand, she is a much smarter politician than Barack. If we had had Hillary, I don't believe we'd have "health care reform" at least not in such a form as we have it now. I don't believe she would have thrown the entire Dimocrat party under the bus to jam through a bill that is unconstitutional and the majority of Americans did not want. I don't think she would have risked her majorities in the house and senate. She learned her lesson in 1994. Rather she would have "worked with" the other side and all those squishy RINO's to come up with a plan that really didn't do a lot but looked good on paper. That way everyone could have said, we worked together in a bipartisan fashion to get something done for the American people......and they would have all walked away secretly not happy with their efforts.

On the world stage I don't think Hillary, unlike Barack, believes that the United States is the root of all evil in the world. Probably somewhere deep in that green wicked witch of the west heart of hers she knows that America is the last great hope of the world and the world would be in deep doodie without us.

In the end, I don't believe Hillary would hug and kiss dictators while apologizing for the USA. I don't think she would give away our conventional and nuclear advantage and pave the way for our destruction by our enemies, if for no other reason than to preserve her legacy. Barack on the other hand doesn't care. He is deluded in his thinking that the things he is doing now will be historic. Oh they'll be historic alright. Not only will he go down in history as the first black president, but he will also go down as the first (and possibly last) president implicit in the destruction of America, financially and militarily.

I know that Hillary has just got to be biting her tongue and throwing ashtrays as she watches this idiot at work, all the while thinking that she could have been in the driver's seat.

I feel your pain, Hillary.


  1. I said this during the primaries, I'd rather see Hillary than McCain or Obama as POTUS. My biggest reason for that was Hillary would have built in experience, no other president history would have had that at her fingertips...Bill like him or not learned a few things in those 8 years and hillary would have benefited from it.

    Instead we elected a moonbat liberpuke POS that is taking this country on ride...

    It will take a STRONG Conservative leadership team to pull us out of the swamp... if there is anything left to save.

  2. OMG ...you're right! Even (choke) Hillary would have been better. What a statement that is!!

  3. I could have lived with Hillary, but what good is it now.

    If these polls keep up the way they are, Obama just might find himself in a fight for re-election against Hillary who will have ha more foreign policy experience than he has.

  4. I agree, but water under the bridge. People just had to vote for the first BLACK president, it was "historical", didn't matter who he was, what he stood for, where he was born, his history,....

    Now many are having buyers remorse.

    Right Truth

  5. Thanks one and all for the comments. I never thought things would get so bad that I would find myself complimenting Hillary, but sigh.....things have gotten that bad. I hate winter but I'll be glad to see November get here this year.