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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'd like to order a plate full of lies, with some french fried lies on the side, and a tall cold glass of bald faced lies, with liar meringue pie for desert.

If there is a special place in hell for liars, then Florida gubner Charlie Crist has a reserve seat. I just read that he is indeed going to run as an independent in the Florida senate race. For those of you not paying attention, Marco Rubio, his Republican challenger, has been cleaning his clock in the polls.

It was only a few weeks ago that Crist told Chris Wallace of Fox News that he would not do this. I knew when he said it then that he was lying. Wallace knew it too as he asked him several times before Crist would finally regurgitate his lie. Damn what is it with these people? Why cannot they ever tell the truth?

If Crist will lie about this, what else will he lie about? What would he lie about while sitting in the senate?

Well I dunno offhand what this does to Rubio's chances of ultimately winning but it has to make it a lot tougher to beat the Dimocrat.
 Is this the guy you want in the United States Senate? I hope Crist has a nice long eternal roast when he checks in for his final dirt nap. Damn I hate liars!

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  1. The polls now show that Rubio beats them both. Karl Rove believes that Crist's numbers will continue to drop and Rubio's rise.

    Right Truth