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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rise Up! Take a Stand!

Suddenly there is outrage from Warshington over the new immigration law in Arizona. Too bad there has never been outrage over the federal gubment's failure to enforce existing laws.

Now there is whining and moaning from all the usual suspects, the president, the Dimocrat congress, many of the RINO Republicans (McCain is up for re-election and suddenly he is all anti-illegal immigration), so called Hispanics (although I think most hard working Hispanics who came here through legal channels are fed up with the feds), the "reverend" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (talk about a couple
of unqualified, useless buffoons), the city of San Francisco…..the list goes on. There is all of this whining and complaining in spite of the fact that 70 percent of the good people of Arizona are in favor of this law. They are tired of their private property and their rights being trampled by the invaders and they are more tired of the federal gubment turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their plight. The Arizona gubner's approval has gone up 10 points. Are you listening, Republicans?

Now I have heard that Texas wants a similar law. I hope they get it. I hope many others follow suit.

I am really hoping this is the beginning of a gigantic rise in federalism and states rights. I am hoping that it is the beginning of a big "go to hell" for the federal gubment. I am sure the feds will sooner or later declare Arizona's law illegal or unconstitutional. When they do I hope Arizonans will stand strong and tell the federal gubment to get the hell out of their bidness, post their national guards at the borders, and throw out any federal cops that try to come there and change things. That would be so sweet.

It would be the beginning of something great, secession perhaps, but hey I think it is time for secession. If not secession it is time to throw out the federal gubment and all the thugs and crooks that come with it.

Barack Obama says the Arizona law is bad and unconstitutional yet he has not bothered to justify the constitutionality of his stupid healthcare law, his takeover of the car companies, his takeover of the banks, his takeover of privately owned hospitals and the doctors that come with them, his attempted takeover of Wall Street, his takeover of energy………..where in the constitution is the federal gubment allowed to have their finger in any of this?

Show me your papers. This is what the left is upset about. As my friend, Rush Limbaugh points out, when do you NOT have to show papers? You have to show papers to, drive, get a loan, get a job (well most of the time), buy a gun or ammunition, get married, write a check, join the military, the list goes on, but the left just can't stand the notion of having to show papers to prove your citizenship or even to vote. It's all about voting. The left knows they cannot win in the arena of ideas but rather only by voter fraud and deception. So here is the root of the problem.

You go Arizona. Stand strong and hold true to course.

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  1. Ditto!

    Michele Bachmann says the federal government now owns 51% of what used to be private industry.


    Right Truth