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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is it with Nigeria?

What is it with Nigeria? Almost every day I get an email or two from some idiot named Farouk Abdoul Saheed Skyhook from Nigeria, telling me there are millions of dollars just waiting for me to claim. The ones that are the most fun are the ones I have gotten from Nigerians claiming to be FBI agents. Here's the text of one I got today....read and laugh:

TEL: +234-(1) 683 7833

Dear Sir/Madam

Top of the day, I am Agent Okeke Fred an FBI agent here in Lagos, Well i have been sent to Nigeria based on the Scam and internet Fraud going on, I will ask you with the authority given to me by Mr.Robert Mueller to stop contacting whom ever that stands to involve in any kind of transaction either from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Uganda, and some other Neighboring countries. 

My mission here to fight against scam and internet fraud my team. We have an Intelligence Monitoring Network System which detects mostly about 87% of internet emails going on which is mark red as fraud emails, So there i contacted you to seize any contact with anyone regarding any email to that you have some Funds some where, Whereby you refuse to accept this order we shall forcefully send a team to your location as we have marked your ip and address.

On this same note the Nigerian governments are apologizing to you if you have been scammed, and to compensate you with the total sum of $50,000:00 to make sure that you have something to begin your life all over again sir/madam.

You would be required to secure a document with the Federal High Court in Nigeria that would assist me to provide an ATM card which would be sent to you with no delivery charges all that you would be asked to pay is the charges for the documentations.

Please get back to me as soon as possible via my email. agtokekefred@blumail.org

Authorized by
Mr. Robert Mueller
Washington DC FBI.
Room, 7367
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
Does anyone really fall for this nonsense? This guy cannot even spell or speak in complete sentences. I have known a couple of FBI agents personally in my life, and they were both pretty intelligent people. Oh well, I thought this was a good laugh for April Fools Day.


  1. Skunkfeathers, who comments at Right Truth, makes a hobby of actually answering these emails, stringing the scammers along, and ultimately sometimes identifying them, reporting them... But most times he just has fun with them until they get so mad at him they finally quit emailing back.

  2. Or you could answer it:

    Dear Sir or Madam;

    I am Agent Grouch of the (Place city here) FBI office. Your email and other information has been forwarded to the International desk in Washington DC.

    Thank you.