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Monday, May 24, 2010

American Express Sucks

I dunno about the rest of you, but it really pisses me off to get unsolicited credit card offers. I have taken steps to eliminate this and for the most part I have been successful except for American Express. On a regular basis I keep getting offers from Amex.....the latest ploy is to earn two domestic airline tickets (why would I want two domestic airline tickets?) if I'll just sign up for their stupid card.

I have been told that these unsolicited offers increase your risk of identity theft. Besides that, years ago I had an Amex card but I canceled it because:

1. I never used it.
2. I got tired of paying their yearly fee.

When I canceled the Amex card, I talked to someone who sounded like an Iranian terrorist. I was on the phone with him for a very long time listening to his broken English and almost had to give him a cussing before he finally agreed to cancel my account.

Most of the Amex junk mail gives you no contact information, so you have nowhere to call and complain. They make it super easy to get their damned card but next to impossible to try and opt out of their stupid mailings (I never opted in in the first place). This last one did have a 1-800 number which I promptly called. After listening to a canned greeting and a 60 second song and dance about my two domestic airline tickets, I was finally told I'd have to call a different number during normal working hours, Mondee through Fridee, if I wanted to opt out.

I called a few minutes ago. The woman axed for the name and address on the mailer. I told her. She said, "Now is that for Thomas or Thomas and Deborah?"

I said, "You mean you have more than one name on file? Eliminate all the names at this address from your database."

I was getting very irritated.

What is even more irritating is that Lifelock is supposed to take care of eliminating this nuisance on my behalf. For what I pay them, they should be doing the calling to Amex. I logged in to my Lifelock account and sent them a not so nice email about this. I have yet to hear back from them (I hope they are not planning on ignoring me.....it won't be pleasant).

Sigh! I'm done complaining now!


  1. That's weird, I don't remember getting any American Express mailings. Probably that was how our previous account was listed.

    I did get a bunch from some other credit card company, Bank of America maybe, I can't remember. Haven't gotten any lately.

    Right Truth

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