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Friday, May 28, 2010

And Just What are the Damages?

Now we have the story of a Michigan woman, Ginger McGuire who supposedly fell asleep on an airplane. She awoke some three hours after the plane unloaded at its destination to find herself alone and locked in.

Of course she is suing United Airlines for "negligence, false imprisonment and distress".

Now I just gotta wonder how a person could be left onboard a commercial aircraft, but I also gotta wonder how anyone of sound mind and body could sleep through the complete deplaning procedure? Like the idiot kid who held his breath and passed out while driving, I gotta ask, "How much alcohol (or drugs) (or both) was involved here?" Makes me think she asked the flight attendant for too many of those little bottles.

Even if the airline was entirely to blame, exactly WHAT ARE HER DAMAGES? How damaged could someone possibly be from spending three hours alone on an airplane? Oh wait! I just saw that she has the shyster lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, representing her. This was the guy that defended Dr. Kevorkian. I've seen him several times on TV. He's one of those loudmouthed smug bastards that you would want to throw a pie at just for the hell of it. C'mon Fieger, just tell the woman she was not damaged other than getting her feelings hurt, and maybe suffering from a hangover, and that she should get on with her life! Dang! Look at that guy! Talk about a bad haircut! No wonder people like me hate lawyers so much.

I heard Ginger McGuire briefly on Fox News this morning. When asked on what grounds she was suing United, she stuttered and stammered and really didn't seem to know. Seems like Geoffrey didn't brief her (fill her head with BS) very well.

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