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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beware of Your Census Taker

Well the other day I was perturbed about the census taker visiting my music room, A few days later, he visited our house. Now I wonder if our nosy census taker is perhaps a sex offender!?!

It happened to a woman in New Jersey

You just never know. Glad to see our almighty federal gubment is looking out for us!

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  1. I've seen our census (boy) driving around the neighborhood. I suppose he's out looking for unsuspecting citizens living in storage buildings etc. heh. I thought about calling the local census office and complaining that he did not identify himself right away, he offered no ID which I'm told they are supposed to wear at all times. But I figured they would fire the poor kid and he's probably just a skull full of mush trying to make a few bucks.

    Right Truth