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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gubment Jobs, Gubment Results

I went down to my music room a few minutes ago to get my MacBook Pro. I'm gonna take it to the Dayton Hamfest wimmie. My music room sits just next to the main house, separated by a parking area.
I found the object below stuck in the door:
 Click on the picture for a hi-res version. It's a 2010 census form. Sometime between Monday afternoon and now, my music room was visited by Harrison Reed from the census bureau. Of course my music room has no address and no house nummer and is sitting on the same property as our main house and is covered in the same siding as our main house. It would not take much thought to figure out that my music room is part of the same property.

Anyway, If I don't give Mr. Reed a call, he says he'll stop by in the next day or two. Since I'm gonna be gone to Dayton, there is a 100 percent chance he will find nobody home.

Should I call him? Nah, I think I'll just wait and see if he is still visiting my music room at this time next year. Wonder how much the gubment (us) is paying this poor schlub to drive aimlessly around the neighborhood visiting music rooms, garages, and outbuildings? I guess if you're keeping any of your slaves or alien invaders in your garage, perhaps you'd better account for them.

If you're done laughing now, look at the back of the form:


  1. That is so strange. I wonder, as you did, how many storage buildings etc. he left those messages on. Snooping around people's property can get you shot.

    Right Truth

  2. That's like saying "since we can't support our own immigration laws, let's put it in Spanish on the back anyway."

    According to the Census, I am black. I hope they visit me and see I'm white. That's when the arguing will commence.

    I'm pretty good at convincing people.

    And, when the moment's right, I'll turn it on him/her and declare they're profiling me by arguing I am not black.

  3. Wifey says this census taker is some teenager, Steve. Teenagers today probably are not smart enough to argue with you.