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Friday, May 28, 2010

I Guess They'll Demand Access to My Music Room

Bob Barr explains that census workers have the power to demand access to any building or room owned by you which you rent out. They can enter the building or room even if the tenants are not there. You can be fined $500 if you refuse to comply.

I hope, I just hope, that Harrison Reed comes around demanding access to my music room. PLEASE HARRISON! PLEASE COME A KNOCKIN'!


  1. I had not heard that. They will have to send someone who is (1) and adult, (2) had documentation that he actually works for the CENSUS, (3) give a good reason why they need to see inside the music room, since no one LIVES there.

    The CENSUS is to count PEOPLE, not assess your property.

    If only they went after illegal criminal aliens so strongly.

    Right Truth

  2. Here's what Barr actually wrote:

    "What many Americans don’t realize, is that census workers — from the head of the Bureau and the Secretary of Commerce (its parent agency) down to the lowliest and newest Census employee — are empowered under federal law to actually demand access to any apartment or any other type of home or room that is rented out, in order to count persons in the abode and for “the collection of statistics.” If the landlord of such apartment or other leased premises refuses to grant the government worker access to your living quarters, whether you are present or not, the landlord can be fined $500.00.

    That’s right — not only can citizens be fined if they fail to answer the increasingly intrusive questions asked of them by the federal government under the guise of simply counting the number of people in the country; but a landlord must give them access to your apartment whether you’re there or not, in order to gather whatever “statistics” the law permits.

    In fact, some census workers apparently are going even further and demanding — and receiving — private cell phone numbers from landlords in order to call tenants and obtain information from them. Isn’t it great to live in a “free” country?"

    Perhaps that is why our teenybopper census worker wanted our phone number.

    Sounds like jack booted thugs to me. Some of these census workers are bad guys, have beaten up and injured innocent people. Now we are supposed to open our door to them even if we are not at home to protect our property.

    I don't think so.

    Right Truth